Wolfgang Sweetsly-Running Errands

Who: Wolfgang Sweetsly
Where: The Bridge
When: During the Mollopod attack on the Blue Dwarf.
---- Snip ----
He tore off the sheet of paper that the machine was already producing, and
inspected it closely.
"Well, we have a winner," he said, and passed the sheet of paper to Wolfgang,
"Better take this to the captain, rather than the chief engineer. Now."
"Of course," sniffed Wolfgang, and headed off with the paper in hand. Keto
watched him leave and waited until the medibay door had sealed behind him,
before turning to the nearby screen.
---- End Snip ----
Sometime later after leaving Keto's medical lab Wolfgang Sweetsly approached the
doors to the bridge which swished open and parted before him as he entered.
He remarked to himself he just read on a shipboard electronic update notice
board that partly had a direct link to the Jupiter mining Corporation that Jay
Chrysler for his negligence had been removed as captain and that Amber FeBuggure
was acting captain.
So Wolfgang looking about the bridge he saw that Rufus was hard at work running
data on the blue dwarfs the wormhole drive and that Amber was where he thought
she would be sitting in the captain's chair.
Walking forward Wolfgang approached the right-hand side of the captain's chair
in which Amber sat.
"Mein Shaft" Wolfgang said staring at Amber who he suddenly thought was
dangerously attractive.
"What..." and it was indeed the case which mostly had more to do with the look
that she gave Wolfgang which could have been enough to turn even a Mollopod into
a slurry.
Wolfgang learning is sudden found movement thrust... the piece of paper that he
had been given by Keto outwards towards Amber.
"Right..." said Amber as she plucked the piece of paper from Wolfgang's hand.
"Das ist from Heir Keto, he said dat I vas to give it you...de einen piece of
Wolfgang then casually rubbed his forehead plucking his glasses from his face
giving them a feverish rub.
Then after replacing them upon his face his vision seemed clearer and he noticed
that Amber no longer immediately seemed so dangerously attractive...just
dangerous looking.

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