**actionette** - Jupiter Station

Where: Jupiter Station
When: August 20th, 2110, 11:57
"Sir! I'm reading an unexplained energy buildup in the core!"
A team of JMC engineers and console operators rushed about the control
room of Jupiter Station - The largest point of operations for the JMC.
A single man sat in a chair in the centre, overlooking the entire
operation. He looked over to the technician that had spoken to him,
with surprise in his eyes.
"What? Get that under control. Vent excess plasma if you have to."
He said, looking at a control panel next to him that had the same
"I've got an engineering team in position, they're ready to clear the
core." The technician spoke up, sending them the signal to get to
work. The captain nodded in acceptance, and waited to hear from the
"Caliel, You are good to go." came a voice over the intercom.
Standing in the corridor outside the main power core of the station
was a young looking woman with thick, messy hair. She had several
burly men around her, each one of them sporting a different
engineernig related injury. They were all excellent at their work,
and this was a routine check and repair.
"You heard them. Let's get this rustbucket fixed." She said, opening
the small toolcase she had been carrying. In front of her, a big mess
of valves and tubes zigzagged their way across the wall, carrying with
it the superheated plasma that carried the energy to run the mining
"Engineering team is working, sir. But I'm still reading a buildup of
plasma pressure." The technician said, hitting the intercom button
"Caliel, pressure still rising, get that under control now."
"There's someone here." Caliel said, pausing as the wrench fell from
her hand, in two pieces. A large black leg shot forward, obviously a
Hymenoptera creature. She ducked the first blow, and rolled
backwards. All of her engineers jumped to her aid, bull-rushing the
bug back into a corner. The small, stealthy creature was not designed
for combat, but on the floor nearby was the shrivelled skin of a
human. This bug had shed its false skin, and assumed its position in
the workings of the station.
"It's no good. The bug's torn the controls. We've got to get out of
here." Caliel said, running to the comm panel on the wall.
"Captain! The core is going critical, we've got a Hymenoptera agent
onboard!" she yelled.
Soon enough, the crew were all in escape pods, hurtling in different
directions. Shortly after, the station exploded in a huge display of
Back at Alpha Centauri, the Blue Dwarf drifted slowly towards a green
space craft, nowhere near the size of a mothership, but larger than a
Starbug. A Blue Midget flew across the night sky, Efof sat at the
controls. His usual calm self had all four hands glued to the control
stick as he approached the Hymenoptera Station. He stared intently at
the alien craft, waiting for it to start shooting him automatically.
<Tag anyone. This is a deserted ship, but it has special relevance to
our Action. Don't destroy it, but feel free to explore it. Make up
some random Hymenoptera technology to find onboard, as long as they're
not weapons! I've introduced a new NPC for me in this post too.
She'll be joining the crew soon :D At least one person will know
exactly who this is.>

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