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Jay watched as Spannerface punched Justin in the stomach. He should be enjoying watching this, Justin was a right little smegpot. At the first chance he'd ever been given to be in command of someone, he'd opted to - or at least try to - torment them. On top of that, he was a known Hymenoptera sympathizer, and deserved everything he got as a result.
Jay sighed and took one last gulp from his drink, then got to his feet and wandered over toward the...well fight would be the wrong word.
Smegpot or not, Jay couldn't sit back and watch Justin get beaten up just for being weaker than the others.
"Come on guys" Jay said as he approached "Theres really no need for this.."
"Whats it to you?" Spannerface spat, "You aint the boss anymore Chrysler! Even Pancake outranks you now!" Spannerface kneed Justin in the stomach casually as he said this.
"Let me put it this way..." Jay said, and punched Spannerface, right in the spanner, with his Spannerface was taken aback by this and stumbled backward, dropping Justin.
Jay, moved quickly, and reached out, grabbing the Spanner lodged in Spannerfaces face, and yanked it out, swinging it wildly, and knocking Spannerface out cold in one swipe.
He spun around, ducking as he did so, just as one of Spannerfaces mates took a swing for him, who inevitably missed Jay, and landed a punch on another of his friends.
Jay stood back up to full height, grabbing a pint glass from the table behind him and smashing it over the head of the puncher who stumbled backward, tripping over Spannerface and hitting the floor.
The last of Spannerfaces mates had grabbed a pool cue, which he swung toward Jay, who took one step sideways, causing his assailant to miss, the momentum of his swing making him stumble. Jay grabbed the cue, snatched it from his hands and promptly broke it over his head.
Jay dropped the cue and dusted his hands as Justin stood up.
"Why...why did you help me?" he asked. "I thought you hated me"
"I do" Jay replied "But if I sat back, and let bullies beat up someone just for being weaker than them, I'd be no better than they are...or the Hymenoptera."
"What do you mean?" Justin said "The hymenoptera are.."
"Heartless monsters who wipe out entire civilizations just because they can. Remember that next time you need someone to bail you out from bullies...now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go get my ship back..."
"Jay Chrysler and Justin Pancake..." came a voice.
Jay and Justin turned to see where it had come from.
"You're both under arrest for causing a civil disturbance.." said the security officer who was holding mag-cuffs.
"Oh for the love of smeg..." Jay muttered, smacking Justin round the back of the head...
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