Flashback - Justin at school pt2

"You're both under arrest for causing a civil disturbance.." said the security
officer who was holding mag-cuffs.
"Oh for the love of smeg..." Jay muttered, smacking Justin round the back of the
<end snip>
Justin and Jay were thrown in the security cell. Justin poked the energy
forcefield with his finger and immediately pulled it back as he got a shock.
"So..." he said. "It looks like we're going to be together for at least a few
Jay grunted.
"Maybe we should chat. It feels like we don't talk enough."
Jay folded his arms and looked away. Justin sat down beside him. "Tell me a
story about your childhood." He said.
Jay sighed, but said nothing.
"Okay. How about I tell you one of mine?" Justin said.
"Please don't." Said Jay.
Justin grinned, he knew he'd annoy Jay but he didn't care. He started telling
Jay the story of his youth.
Who: Justin Pancake
Where: St Marvins 'school for little shits' on Ganymede
When: 2102, when Justin was only 11
As he entered the building via the cloakroom, the school bully Griff Douchewhore
was waiting for him. "My girl tells me you called her sexy?" he said, pushing
Justin in the chest. "And that you wanted to do something kinky with a gas tap
you little pervert!"
"Well I just thought she'd like to have a REAL sexual experience, Douchewhore!"
Justin watched as she fist came straight for his face. No matter how many times
he got punched, he would never ever learn to dodge them.
<end snip>
Luckily for Justin, a teacher came out of the staffroom and broke up the
fighting. Justin and Griff were sent to their next class.
The next lesson was maths, and Justin sat at the back, two desks away from
Griff, who was giving him the evil eyeball all lesson. He mimed to Justin from
across the classroom that he was going to meet him outside the hoverbike sheds
at 3:30 and beat the living smeg out of him. Justin gulped and looked up at the
clock. That was only half an hour away.
Justin turned to look around the classroom, trying to think of a way he could
avoid his beating. He noticed that a girl next to him was gazing right back at
him, with love in her eyes. Instantly he smiled, and then realised it wasn't any
normal girl, it was Ariadne, the weirdest girl in school.
Justin immediately turned away. He hated her.
"Oh Justin." She said. "What are you doing tonight? Do you fancy walking to the
park with me? You can hold my hand if you'd like."
"I'm washing my hair." Justin said sarcastically. He found Ariadne's advances
far too obvious. She was a plump girl, with one massive eyebrow which went
across her entire face. Justin didn't see it yet, but despite this, she was
actually a very attractive girl. But nobody saw past the huge eyebrow, meaning
she never had a boyfriend.
The teacher looked over so Justin slouched down onto his desk and pretended to
work. "Quiet class!" He shouted.
Ariadne whispered to him. "So... would you like to go to the prom with me?"
Justin ignored her.
"Justin!" She whispered. "Justin!"
"What?!" Justin snapped. "You'll get us both in trouble!" He turned to face her,
and for a split second saw how attractive she could be... if it weren't for that
huge monobrow.
"Come to the prom with me!" She said again, and grinned a sweet smile.
Justin was so close to agreeing. He was a sad lonely individual with no
prospects, no future, no friends, and no chance of getting any other girl to be
his girlfriend. He very almost said yes.
But his eyes caught sight of something odd. Ariadne's pencil case was moving.
The pencil case opened, and the first few spindly legs of a spider crawled out.
It was the size of a tarantula, but green.
Justin immediately stood up out of shock.
"WHAT THE SMEG IS THAT?!" He shouted, drawing the attention of the entire class.
"What is the meaning of this, boy?" Asked the teacher, looking over.
Justin looked back, and then at Ariadne's pencil case. She had clutched it to
her bosom, but the spider had crawled back inside.
"That was disgusting!" Shouted Justin, and cringed. "I hate spiders!"
The teacher shouted at him. "Sit down!"
But Justin couldn't. He felt cold shivers all over his body. "No way!" He said.
"I can't sit near that... thing!"
He ran out of the classroom, making the teacher wonder what was wrong.
Who: Justin and Ariadne
Where: Outside the school front gates
When: 3:30pm
Justin's head popped up from the bush where he was hiding.
"Oh smeg!" He said, as he realised Ariadne had spotted him and was coming over.
"Oh Justin!" She chirped. "What are you doing?"
"I'm hiding!" He said. "My parents are picking me up soon."
"From Griff the bully? Oh don't worry about him!"
"No. From you!" He said.
She laughed. "Don't be silly. I won't hurt you."
He looked at the pencil case in her hand. "Yeah but... that... thing.... might!
What the hell is it?"
Ariadne opened up the pencil case and let the green spider crawl over her hand.
It was about the size of a hamster, and almost as furry.
"It's a striped-green-Tiger-Hymopod" Ariadne said proudly. "It's my pet!"
Justin stepped away. "That doesn't.... look... normal."
She grinned. "No. It's from another planet. My dad is an exobiologist in the
Space Corps, he brought this back from a planet he surveyed. He thinks it's a
side species of a much larger type of arachnid. This one is harmless though."
"It's gross." Justin said. "Get it away from me!"
The spider tried to crawl on Justin but he brushed it away.
"Oh don't be scared! You'll come to like spiders, they're actually really
"No way. I'll never like spiders." Said Justin, little did he know that he'd
prove himself wrong in later life.
"So will you come with me to the prom?" Ariadne said again.
Justin looked deep into her eyes. They were big and loving. But they were
underneath the bushiest eyebrow he'd ever seen.
"I'll.... think about it." He said. "If i get really, really desperate."
The awkward silence was broken by the sound of Griff Douchwhore calling to him.
"Oh Pancake, I'm gonna beat you to a pulp!"
"Time for me to go!" Said Justin, and ran away.
<To be continued>

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