Flashback: Jusitn at school 3

Who: Justin
Where: Outside Ariadne's house
When: Justin's childhood. The night of the Prom
Justin banged his head on the side wall of Ariadne's parents house. He couldn't
believe what he was about to do.
But... he was very very desperate.
He was about to take the ugliest and weirdest girl to the prom.
He started to think about how everyone else would laugh at him. They'd laugh at
how desperate he was, to pick Ariadne, the weird girl with the weird pet spider.
"Who brings a pet spider into school?" He asked himself. "Only a weirdo!" He
answered. "Oh smeg, I'm going to look like a total titbag!"
He banged his head against the wall again. "Maybe I should just run away-"
The door to the house opened and Ariadne stepped out. "Justin, I heard you
Justin's jaw dropped to the ground. Ariadne stood there, in a fancy prom dress,
looking absolutely beautiful.
"I've waxed my eyebrows. Do you like it?" She said.
"Y-y-y-y-" Justin stammered, he was amazed at how beautiful she now was.
"y-y-you have two eyebrows now!" He said.
She giggled. "I'll wax them all the time if you want?" She asked. "If you want
me to be your girlfriend?" She bit her lip.
Justin started to smile. It was a big wide smile, he was so amazed at himself,
this girl was beautiful! And she wanted him! He wasn't sure how he'd managed it.
"You look great!" He said. And she grinned.
"Thanks." She said.
"You're still a bit fat, but I think I can live with that." He said.
"Quiet!" Said Ariadne, "Or I'll set my spider on you!"
They both laughed at that. Then Justin started to worry. "Where is it? You've
not got it on you have you?"
"Don't worry, it's safe!" She said, not wanting him to know that it was actually
in her handbag.
"So, lets go to the prom!" Justin said, and proudly escorted her to the school.
Who: Ariadne, Justin and Griff
Where: School Prom
When: Later
Justin and Ariadne danced, they both smiled at each other, and they laughed.
They were getting on really well and were dancing to a romantic slow song when
it was about to happen. They moved their faces closer, ready to kiss for the
very first time.
Justin felt her warm lips on his, but it was only for a moment because he was
wrenched backwards. "Pancake, I told you I was going to beat you to a pulp!"
Said Griff the school bully, slamming his fist into his hand.
Justin shielded his face. "Please don't!" He said.
Griff looked past Justin and stared at Ariadne. "Wow, Justin you little
smeghead, how did you keep that quiet? Your girlfriend was a smoking hotty all
along, she just hid it under a massive eyebrow!"
Griff walked over to Ariadne. "Hey baby, fancy a dance?"
"No... I don't think-"
"Hey you leave her alone!" Shouted Justin.
"Oh yeah... or what?"
Justin punched Griff in the face. Griff stumbled backwards, but didn't fall
over. Instead he wiped the blood from his lip, and turned to face Justin.
"You're... gonna...pay.....for...that." He said.
Justin shrugged. "How? This place is surrounded by teachers." He said. "If you
start a fight you'll get detention!"
Griff took a deep breath, it seemed to be taking all his effort not to punch
Justin right back, but he was right, all the teachers were watching them like
"I challenge you to a hoverbike race." Said Griff.
<To be continued. Jay please feel free to continue us in the security cells>

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