Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire

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The sound of clattering bug legs came from the distance and they
started to run back to the Starbug. As they got there, they saw how
their ship had been tied up with long spindly tendrils.
"We can't fly off with those attached." Said Efof.
"How are we going to get away then?" Asked Seymour.
Efof walked up to the docking clamps as if he knew what he was doing,
and just whispered to the organic mechanisms.
Soon enough, the tendrils that were holding the ship in place shrunk
away, back to the hull of the ship, and Efof turned around
"How did you do that? Do you speak Hymenopterran?" Amber asked, while
Seymour was rather curious and suddenly untrusting of his old friend.
"I just asked them to let us go." Efof said, which relaxed them both
for a split second. The sound of insect legs on the squishy organic
ship was getting louder, so they had no choice.
"Come on, we can work out what they did later." Amber said, leaping
into the pilots seat. "Releasing docking clamps." she said as the
ship jumped slightly, and began to slide away into space, towards the
giant blue craft that most would liken to a mobile coffin.
Meanwhile in engineering, someone was just about ready to plug the
last cable into the replacement parts of the Wormhole drive. Good
timing, really.
"Amber, that ship is putting out a strange energy signature." Efof
said, looking at one of the scopes. Amber glanced over, and swore
with insectoid clicks, hitting the ship into overdrive.
"Get the wormhole spun up! We need to get out of here! sending
coordinates now." Amber roared into the radio. Whoever was in the
Driveroom at the time must have heard, because the swirling blue
vortex in front of the ship began to appear just as the Hymenoptera
ships engines fired up.
The shuttle craft flew through the launchbay doors just as the Dwarf
started moving, showing just how good a pilot Amber was, as she used
maneuvering thrusters to keep up with the ship, and stop inside as the
artificial gravity caught them. Tendrils that surrounded the
Hymenoptera ship started to grip around the rear end of the Dwarf.
"Fire on it!" Amber ordered, as the defensive cannons onboth sides of
the ship opened up on the great beast that was acting like the
legendary Kraken, pulling the ship away from the Wormhole. Just as
the Kraken let go of the Dwarf, it exploded.
Lights all over the ship went down, replaced by the eerie red glow of
emergency lighting. Systems sparked out as the plasma flames shot up
the side of the ship, forcing it through the wormhole at great speed,
tearing the external parts of the ship from its housings.
On the other side of the wormhole, the Blue Dwarf was a smoldering
duck, sitting there in space, unable to move. It was fortunate for
them that the gigantic Hymenopterran space station in front of them
had no armed escorts. In fact, other than the signal they had traced,
it was outputting nothing. Even people passing by wouldn't see it
unless they were looking out of the window. Sensors all over the ship
read nothing.
"I've never seen a station so big..." Amber said, looking at the
monitors. This station dwarfed even the Blue Dwarf itself. It's
sleek green and black skin made it almost invisible on the backdrop of
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