Unemployed Seymour - "Job hunter"

Who: Seymour Niples, unemployed
Where: Blue Dwarf, Captain's quarters
When: After he decided to leave
Seymour sat at the Captain's computer and chewed on his thumb. He'd forgotten
all about his daughter, who he'd left with Wolfgang.
The computer screen in front of him showed an near-empty screen with a blinking
cursor, the only thing he'd written so far was "Job application for Captaincy".
Seymour sunk his head into his hands, he knew that he should be writing about
all the skills he had that were applicable for being a Captain of a military
spaceship, and in his opinion would make him a great Captain. He knew he should
be writing about all the experience he has, like being the First Officer and
Captain of a JMC spaceship.
He looked at the picture he'd hung up on the wall. It was a painting of the SCS
Ark Royal, the first SpaceCorps ship he'd ever seen, the one that his dad's mate
Pete Tenshal had taken him to see in London when he was a boy.
To be Captain of the Ark Royal he knew that he'd need something special,
something extra. He'd need to be a great military leader, to be courageous and
Seymour had such a high opinion of himself that he thought he had these
qualities already, even though as he was typing a spider crawled onto his
keyboard and he ran away in fright.
Who: Seymour, Acting-Captain Amber and the department heads
Where: Captain's Meeting room
When: 30 minutes later
Seymour barged into the meeting room, and ignored the obvious meeting which was
going on.
"Captain Amber!" Seymour said with a cheery smile. "I'd like you to speak to
Admiral Miller of the SpaceCorps and get him to give me a job as Captain of a
Amber blinked in surprise and confusion. "Seymour, can't you see there's an
important meeting going on here?" She said, gesturing to everyone else around
the table. "If you hadn't noticed, there's a massive Hymenoptera spacestation
outside and we're discussing what to do about it."
Seymour gestured his hand through the air as if brushing the notion aside.
"Don't worry about that, it's not important. But this is important because it's
about my future! I want to be Captain again!"
Amber sighed. "I'll look at it later." she said.
"Please could you do it now, I want you to give your personal recommendation to
the Admiral too. Tell him I'll be a great Captain. I was a good Captain of this
ship wasn't I?"
"Seymour, that was years ago!"
Seymour grinned. "Being a Captain is like riding a bike...."
"You do it two handed?" Suggested Harris.
"It's got an uncomfortable seat?" Suggested Kochanski.
"No!" Snapped Seymour. "You never forget!"
Amber looked at Seymour up and down. "Have you shaved today?" She asked.
"No... I don't see the point in shaving if I don't have a job to go to."
"Are those your pyjamas?" Amber asked.
"Yes this is a silk sleeping suit, and this is my dressing gown. I didn't see
the need to get dressed if I don't have a job to go to."
Amber shook her head and smiled slightly. "I'll talk to the Admiral later, if it
gets you out of my staff meeting wearing your pyjamas."
"Thank you kindly!" Said Seymour, walking out. "I'll not forget this when I'm a
Captain of the best ship of the fleet and I've forgotten about this horrible
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