Calling Admiral Miller

Who: AmberWhere: Captains OfficeWhen: After the staff meeting~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Amber sighed, volunteers for away missions were not as common as they used to be. She wondered for a moment, if it was her leadership skills that were lacking in any way, but only being an Acting Captain, she supposed that once she handed the reigns back to Jay. If Jay ever came back that everything would be OK and she could go back to eating toasties and filing five year old crash reports out thanks to Dean.She had given the order for the department heads to gather people for away missions to the Hymenopterra station they were parked next to. It was a general call for anyone to answer, with 1,169 people on board this ship, it was still hard to drum up interest, even in the most exciting and dangerous of ventures. She signed again and as a promise was a promise she pulled up a comm signal to Admiral Miller, already knowing how the conversation would pan out.She put on her best bureaucratic smile and straightened out her uniform before opening the channel."Admiral! How nice to see you today." She said, smiling and saluting the figure on the screen.
"FeBuggure... Do you have any idea what time it is on Earth right now?" The image was darkened, as if only lit by a bedside lamp. Amber could just about make out the surly figure, and was pretty sure that he was wearing blue and white striped pyjamas, with a serious case of bed-head."Urm... No sir... Our clocks aren't working... There was a small.... Explosion incident... And... A little Hymenopterra station thing...." She said, not used to reporting to such higher-ups in the chain of command. Reporting to Jay was easy, he was her Godfather after all."It's 3am FeBuggure. What could be so important as to call me at 3am!" He growled, "Well, it's a simple matter Sir. You should have received Seymour Nipples application for a transfer to a Captain of another vessel. I was just calling to put in a good word and say that I would heartily recommend him for a position as Captain again. He was a fine Captain for the Blue Dwarf." She smiled, a good fake smile that hid the fact she was lying through her teeth."Were you even born when he was Captain?" Miller asked, picking up the faxed application and tossing it into the bin behind him."Urm... That is.... I don't know... I can't remember..." Amber said, faltering under the unusual question. The Admiral sighed."Request denied Acting Captain. Seymour is a sycophantic coward, a no good yellow bellied coward, who's only place on a command ship should be to clean the memorial toilets. In fact. There you are, he can be a janitor! It's about all he's good for!" Miller said, cutting the connection, and one assumes, going back to sleep."Urgh... That could've gone better. Seymour's not gonna like this."---- Seymour's Quarters ----Amber rang the bell. The Admirals message in her hands and waited for Seymour to answer so that she could deliver the bad news.<Tag!>OOC - There you go Onion! :DOOC2 - Yes this is also a call for volunteers for an away mission!

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