Seymour - "Job Rejection"

"Urgh... That could've gone better. Seymour's not gonna like this."
---- Seymour's Quarters ----
Amber rang the bell. The Admirals message in her hands and waited for Seymour to
answer so that she could deliver the bad news.
<end snip>
Who: Acting Captain Amber, Seymour Niples
Where: Seymour's quarters
When: After Amber spoke to Admiral Miller
Seymour opened the door and his face lit up. "Miss Febuggure, please enter!" He
said and stepped back allowing her to enter the room. "I'm sorry it's so small
in here, it means the place is always untidy." He said, brushing a coffee-table
which had about 1 particle of dust on it.
"Err..." This isn't tiny, it's bigger than my quarters. These ate the Captain's
quarters, you've got the best on the ship!"
"Second best!" Seymour corrected her. "My Ambassadorial Apartment was better
than this."
Amber nodded. "Okay, okay, second best. Why does it matter?"
"It matters because I can't decide what to do with my Aldorian Pine Antique
bookcase. There isn't enough room in this room as well as with my Classic-period
Aeron fertility statue. My last apartment was big enough for both."
Amber rolled her eyes. The man clearly had too much time on his hands. "Anyway,
I have news for you." She said.
"From Admiral Miller? Did he receive my request to become Captain of a ship?"
"He received it..." Amber said.
Seymour grinned and started pacing. "Excellent, I'll be a Captain within three
weeks. Goodbye old rusty Blue Dwarf! I knew Admiral Miller would come through
for me. What a guy! What a genuinely good fellow he is. Did I tell you that he
held a dinner party for me once. Such a nice guy."
"The thing is..." Started Amber.
Seymour's smile dropped.
"The thing is.... he doesn't think you're Captain material."
"WHAT?!" Said Seymour. "I'm well educated, well respected, I have good taste,
I'm a perfect figurehead who will uphold moral values in space!"
"That's not what he said." Said Amber. "He called you a 'sycophantic
yellow-bellied coward'."
"Preposterous!" Said Seymour. "The man is an imbecile! He's an idiot! I never
should have gone to him in the first place. I went to a dinner party he held
once, would you believe that the wine he served was only 8 years old? What an
uneducated chav!"
"Sorry Seymour." Amber turned to go.
"No wait!" Said Seymour. "So he thinks I'm a coward?"
"He said so twice." Amber admitted.
"Well I'll prove it to him that I'm not."
Seymour walked to the window, where he looked out into space at the giant
Hymenoptera space station nearby. He pointed to it. "That! I'm going there!"
"Seymour... It'll be dangerous. I'm putting a team together of only the
"I'm coming with you!" Seymour said.
<Tag Becca, Seymour volunteers for the mission. When will we get there?>

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