"So what do you think is going to happen to us?" Justin asked.
"To me?..." Jay replied lazily, barely entertaining Justin's presence. "Probably
nothing. A warning, and I'll be set loose back into civilian life…you? If Amber
has any sense you'll be sent to the Tank…"
"Deck 13"
"Theres a deck 13?"
"Yep. Only certain people get to access it…if you were…'allowed' there, you
could have all the sex you want!"
"Yeah…I'm sure I could have a word with Amber for you…"
"Please do!"
Jay smirked. He'd have a word alright, anything to get Justin out of his
face…even if it did mean he'd get bum raped to within an inch of his life by his
fellow prisoners.
Out on the guards desk, on the other side of the security force field Jay's
communicator pinged.
"Smeg…I bet that's Katrina asking why I'm not home…she's gonna be pissed to find
out I'm in here…."
Jays train of thought was interrupted however, as the ship shook, and the lights
went out, along with the artificial gravity.
"Oof!" `oofed' Jay and Justin as they were flung violently to the ceiling.
"Hey!" Jay yelled down the corridor to the guard "What's going on?"
"We're under attack" replied the guard, "Relax, we'll handle it."
"Kind hard when we're trapped in a cell!" Jay snapped back.
"Hey…" Justin piped up. "The forcefields down!"
Jay and Justin looked at each other and kicked off from the back wall, floating
out into the corridor, straight past the guard. Jay snatched his phone off the
desk as he drifted over the top and checked his messages.
"Useful titbit for you: Data indicates a strong possibility of the Hymenoptera
ship being in contact with others; check comms around the 15 Hz range. Suggest
encouraging those in power to leave sharpish before unwelcome company arrives.
"Woah…" he said "Someones gotta do something about this!"
"About what?" Justin asked.
"The Hymie ship that's attacking us…"
"Hymenoptera?" Justin said, his eyes wide.
"Yeah…your best friends are coming to kill us all….I'm gonna go stop `em…."
"And what do you plan to do?"
"Well…there's no way Amber will let me join an away mission….but she has no
jurisdiction in what I do with my own ship once I'm out of Blue Dwarf's
"You're gonna gatecrash the mission in the Phoenix?"
"You bet I am…and when I'm on the way, I'm gonna get the ships computer to
analyse this.…." He was holding up the security footage from Seymours apartment,
he had grabbed it from the security department when he floated through, it had
drifted past him, having floated out of a now-unlocked electronic safe in one of
the offices…."Someone had gone to some effort to keep this hidden, they probably
knew that Jayne, who was with me at the time, and who would have access to the
CCTV tapes would want to prove it's been doctored, so they locked it away where
she couldn't get at it…this…should help me get my ship back….."
"…oh goody" said Justin sarcastically.
"We don't' have to be enemies y'know" Jay said "I'll be willing to ignore your
past.,..'discretions' when I get my rank back…if….you come with me to help me
stop the `bugs….otherwise, it's a life in prison…"
Justin swallowed hard as he pondered Jays offer.
"Well…what's it to be?"
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