Jay + Justin "Getting to the Bug Station" pt1

"We don't' have to be enemies y'know" Jay said "I'll be willing to ignore your
past.,..'discretions' when I get my rank back…if….you come with me to help me
stop the `bugs….otherwise, it's a life in prison…"
Justin swallowed hard as he pondered Jays offer.
"Well…what's it to be?"
<end snip>
Who: Justin Pancake and Jay Chrysler
Where: Blue Dwarf, prison cells
When: After they escaped
Justin thought for a moment. He and Jay had had a rocky past, he'd remembered
pissing Jay off so much that he held a gun to his head, and Jay warning him
about his "obsession" with the Hymentoptera far too many times. But this
situation was looking grim, and it seemed like Justin's only way out.
"Okay I'll help you!" He said.
Jay nodded. "Thanks. Now you can start by going and beating up that Security
Guard who's coming after us."
Justin did a quick salute and ran towards the Security guard, doing a flying
kick into his balls.
The man staggered around for a few moments in pain. "Do that again and you're
going to Deck 13!" He said as a warning.
This caught Justin's attention. "Oh? Is that where you can have sex all you
The man raised an eyebrow. "Yes. I suppose you could. In fact they'll force you
to have sex with them." He said.
"Brilliant!" Said Justin.
"Hold on, I don't think you're getti-" Justin kicked him again and he fell down.
"Right you're definitely going to Deck 13 for that!" Said the guard.
"Brilliant!" Said Justin, and held his wrists out to be handcuffed.
Jay pulled him sharply back before the Security Guard could cuff him, and
punched the guard to the ground.
"They're all men you gimboid! Deck 13 is a prison!" Said Jay.
"Oh smeg. I can't believe I was going to... ewww."
They floated to the Flight Deck where the Starbugs were all floating about, due
to the lack of gravity. They spotted Jay's Phoenix bobbing near to the exit
"Nice ship!" Said Justin. "I thought about getting one of this model, looks
great in black and I definitely like the flames down the side!"
"Thanks." Said Jay. "I did the paintwork myself so I've made a vow to kill
anyone who scratches it."
As Justin floated past it to climb inside, the zip on his JMC jumpsuit caught
the paintwork and made a a big scratch down the side. "Oops"
"What was that noise?" Asked Jay.
"Nothing. Lets go! Amber's shuttle must have only gone a few minutes ago, the
Flight Deck landing lights are still on."
The Phoenix roared out of the Blue Dwarf, following in the fresh vapour trail of
the Starbug that Amber's away team had taken to the Hymenoptera space station.
<to be continued>

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