Jay + Justin "Getting to the Bug Station" pt2

The Phoenix roared out of the Blue Dwarf, following in the fresh vapour trail of
the Starbug that Amber's away team had taken to the Hymenoptera space station.
<end snip>
"Oh my god, it's massive!" Said Jay.
"Isn't it beautiful!" Said Justin, his eyes welling up with tears. "I've never
seen anything so impressive! It's like an insectoid cathedral!"
Justin got a slap around the back of his head. "Cut it out, they're still a
dangerous enemy and they'll kill you quicker than it takes me to swat a fly!"
To emphasise his point, Jay slammed a newspaper down on a fly which was buzzing
around the Cockpit Navigation console.
"Barbarian!" Said Justin.
Jay ignored him. "Which of these honeycombed holes is the entrance?" Jays asked.
"It's like a smegging big bees nest!"
"Any of them." Said Justin. "I've done some research on Hymenoptera structures,
each one of those holes is a launch bay for a ship."
"But... there's hundreds... thousands!" Said Jay.
Justin grinned and nodded. "Good innit?!"
"Not for us!"
"There!" Justin pointed at a Starbug docked with the spacestation. Jay steered
right and pulled up alongside it. A sticky access tube enveloped one side of the
Phoenix, allowing them to climb aboard the spacestation.
"I hope that sticky stuff doesn't damage the paintwork!" Said Jay as they exited
the Phoenix, in search of Amber's team.
"I think it's caused a scratch right there!" Said Justin, pointing and tutting
at the scratch he made earlier.
Jay forced himself to not investigate the scratch right now, but to leave the
Phoneix and walk further into the Hymenoptera maze. The walls and floor were
sticky and organic.
"Did you know that Hymenoptera worker bugs create the walls out of their own
vomit?" Said Justin, proud that he knew so much about the Hymenoptera.
Jay scowled and looked down at his feet, and the sticky strands that were
clinging to his shoes. "I don't need to know that!" He said, and walked further
without even looking down at his feet – until he stood on something that wasn't
soft and squelshy, it was hard and cold, like metal.
It beeped.
"Oh smeg." Said Jay.
"I've just stood on a mine."
Justin looked down at Jay's feet. "It says 'made in China' on it!"
Jay sighed. "It's a SpaceCorps mine. Pressure sensitive, issue 4, highly
explosive. Amber's team must have been spreading them around in case the
Hymenoptera came at them from all angles."
"Why hasn't it gone off?" Asked Justin.
"It will go off if I step off. Or it's programmed to go off in 60 seconds."
"Smeg! What shall I do?" Asked Justin.
<Tag Jay, what should we do? Move and you're dead, stay still and you're dead.
Get yourself out of this! >

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