Last Call

---- Snip ----
"I'm joining you on this mission. Please direct me to the guns."
Rosette glanced at Amber, who shook her head. Rosette then pulled a
pistol from a holster on a belt, and spun it around on a finger to
point the grip towards Seymour.
"I trust you know how to use one of these?" she asked, as he took it from her.
"Of course. you point it at the enemy, and pull the trigger." he replied.
"You also need to take the safety off first." Rosette said, and
pointed to a catch on the side of the weapon.
"Of course, I knew that." seymour backtracked, trying to show that he
was anything but a yellow bellied coward.
"Don't worry, I believe you." Rosette said, heading out with them
towards the launch bay.
---- End Snip ----
"So you would think to leave without me", says Wolfgang as he appears in the
doorway of Seymour's quarters.
Wolfgang runs his gaze over the occupants in the room, as he stood to attention
his shiny black boots you pressed together his right hand resting on top of the
holster which contained a laser pistol attached to his belt at his waist.
"Vell I have Knoose for you all, I shall be Comenig mit you as vell".
"I have left Alota who was in my care for a short time at one of the day centres
on the promenade".
"I vould like to mine self on this mission to perhaps even earn a promotion for
mine self".
"Unt so on to a question that I would like to ask, which is how we're going to
get to the Hymenopterran space station".
"I suggest we take a Star bug, however I don't think I should fly as Hasselhoff
and I have only mastered basic reversing procedures".
Wolfgang Sweetsly then takes out his wallet and removes a pocket sized
photograph of David Hasselhoff and holds it up to show everyone

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