Seymour's wrong shoes

Who: Amber, Seymour and Wolfgang
Where: Captain's office
When: Before they flew over to the space station
"I suggest we take a Star bug, however I don't think I should fly as Hasselhoff
and I have only mastered basic reversing procedures".
Wolfgang Sweetsly then takes out his wallet and removes a pocket sized
photograph of David Hasselhoff and holds it up to show everyone
<end snip>
Seymour wrinkled his brow, and he looked at Amber. "Err, Miss Febuggure, do we
HAVE to go with this man?"
Amber shrugged. "You trusted him with your toddler!"
Seymour grimaced and he slapped his face with the palm of his hand as he
realised what he'd done. "Jolly good point!" He said. "I'd better check she's
okay, I'll meet you in the Flight Deck."
Seymour met them on the Flight Deck later, just as the Starbug's engines were
powering up. He quickly climbed aboard and they took off towards the massive
Hymenoptera space station.
Who: Seymour, Amber, Wolfgang (and anyone else who wants to come along – just
mention yourself here)
Where: Hymenoptera Space Station
When: 30 minutes later
The left the Starbug precariously attached to the Space Station and checked the
air on the station was breathable. Amber checked her Psi-scanner and nodded for
them all to follow her.
"She's making quite a good leader." Seymour admitted to Wolfgang. "Although I do
miss Mr Chrysler's firm male command."
Amber turned round. "Hey, I can lead just as well as any male!" She shouted,
then followed it up with "Eeewww, this floor is all sticky!"
Seymour removed his expensive Armani shoes and left them in the ship.
Amber watched him squelch bare footed across the squishy floor of the insect
space station. His face was all scrunched up like he was hating every minute of
"Seymour that's incredibly brave of you, I wouldn't have thought that you're too
squeamish to actually touch something that an insect created."
Seymour gritted his teeth as he took another step, the floor was gooey and
"You do know that Hymenoptera build space stations using their own vomit?" Amber
said. "It hardens stronger than metal."
Seymour started to look even more uncomfortable but put on a brave face. "I'm
trying to prove to you that I'm a changed man!" He said. "For years you've known
me as the pompous Ambassador... used to the better things in life." Everyone
nodded. "But not any more. I'm going to be a brave and fearless SpaceCorps
Captain!" He said. "Wading through Hymenoptera vomit is but a mild inconvenience
to ... Captain Niples, space adventurer!!" He stood with his fists on his hips.
Amber laughed at him, he was still clearly uncomfortable walking around with
bare feet. "Go and get your shoes!" She ordered.
"No. They're too expensive. I don't want to get insect goo on them."
Amber sighed. "There's some spare boots in the storage locker." She said,
pointing back to the Starbug.
A minute later, Seymour emerged wearing some new boots. "Ready now?" Asked
Amber, Seymour sheepishly nodded and followed her.
They followed a tunnel for a few metres which eventually opened out into a
larger room. They all gasped at what they saw.
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