Highly explosive insect testicles

Who: Seymour, Justin, Jay, Amber, Rosette, Wolfgang, and the unconscious Hymie
Amber and Spidette
Where: Hymenoptera space station
When: Same time
"We need to get back to the Dwarf and sort this out. Seymour, keep an eye on
these two. Wolfgang, help me get these two." He gestured to the unconscious
bodies. "To the shuttle. No offence guys, but until this is sorted out you'll
have to be locked up too.
<end snip>
Seymour marched out of the stasis room, and froze. Further down the corridor
were an army of Hymenoptera soldier insects, grouping together and ready to come
after them.
"Dear lord!" Said Seymour, pressing his back to the wall, then sneaking back
into the room with everyone else.
"There's hundreds of them out there!" He said.
"Is there another way back to the shuttles?" Jay asked.
Seymour nodded. "Yes, through that way, but it takes us through some sort of
ammonia processing plant. These disgusting insects have some odd-looking and
unspeakably grotesque sacks of ammonia and methane, it's probably their
'organic' version of an engine room.
Jay nodded. "Lets go through there, he pointed and lead the team."
"And who made you Captain?" Asked Seymour.
Jay turned to face him. "Who else? The Amber we know has been a Hymenoptera
clone for god knows how long, which means we've had a Hymenoptera as a Captain.
Anyone is a step up from that!"
"What about me?" Asked Seymour.
Jay laughed, but said nothing. "Follow me." He told everyone and lead them into
the room, leading Spidette behind them.
Seymour wasn't wrong, the room looked like it was for storing ammonia and
methane gas, which were held in gross organic sacks suspended from the ceiling.
"Ewww, looks like a giant set of testicles!" Justin said, grinning.
"I thought you loved everything about the Hymenoptera?" Jay asked him.
"I do." Said Justin. "At least they have balls! Gettit? Balls?!"
"Okay nobody use your weapons in here." Said Jay, the gas in those things is
really explosive."
"Unt stinky!" Said Wolfgang.
"Wait!" Said Seymour. "I have a brilliant idea! I'm such a master tactician,
that's why I'll be a great SpaceCorps Captain!"
Jay rolled his eyes.
"Have we got any mines left?" Seymour asked. Wolfgang handed him the bag.
"Be very careful, zese are against many health unt safety regulations. I
shouldn't even be giving them to you. Zey are very sensitive, don't make any
sudden movements."
"I'm going to line the corridor, so that it'll take out a few of the
Hymenoptera. We'll also know how far behind us they are." Seymour said proudly
and carefully took the bag of mines back into the last room they were in.
Just as he was out of eyesight of the rest of the team, he felt something
towering over him. He looked up to see Spidette, her face all covered in green
blood. She snatched the bag of mines off him and slammed them against the wall.
Seymour heard several clicking sounds as the mines all armed themselves.
"Oh bloody hell!" He shouted and ran away.
The rest of the team saw him running straight towards them. "Spidette has the
mines!" He shouted.
Behind him, Spidette was carrying the bag of explosives and running towards
"Woah, woah, not in here!" Jay shouted and pointed to the big testicles filled
with explosive gas.
Spidette continued to run towards them, towards the highly explosive giant
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