*** ACTION*** The Spider, The Queen and the Stasis Pod - Part Two

Who: Seymour, Rose, Amber, Wolfgang, Jay, Justin
Where: Hymenopterra Station
When: After the snip~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~---- Snip ----"BREAK IT OPEN!" Jay called, watching the spidery form charge towards Seymour.  Any attack from a giant spider Hymenoptera at that speed would tear a man in half.  Seymour quickly slammed the empty pistol down on the surface, cracking it."dammit." Jay said, raising the pistol he had.  There was enough time for one shot, he just had to hope he could snap the tubes like Seymour had done with the other one."come on." he said, and pulled the trigger...---- End Snip ----Jay closed his eyes, hoping beyond all hope that his one in a million shot was going to work.  In most situations, the one in a million always came through.  This time however, Spidette raised a leg, blocking the shot just before it hit the pipework."Dammit." he cursed.  His shot had at least been enough to tear the leg from the rest of her body though.  It fell to the ground, and stuck into the deck plate at Wolfgang's feet.  Picking it up, he lunged for the stasis pod.'When did you get here?' Spidette thought, as if she'd not even noticed he'd been there when they arrived. The crack in the green glass like substance was enough of a weak point that the spider leg sliced through the connecting cables like a hot knife through butter. Like it's neighbour, the pod fell from it's housing and hissed as the life suppressing gasses inside began to seep out and let in real air.The giant Hymenopterran spider's eyes (all 8 of them) opened wide in shock as she watched the pod hit the floor.  Like Amber, Spidette instantly ceased to function, landing on the ground in front of them all, lifeless.  Everyone stood still for a moment, wondering what had just happened, until Wolfgang cleared his throat."All of zees trailing cables are a serious health und safety hazard." He said, shaking his head in disgust. Before anyone could respond, the two pods cracked open, the lids rising slowly.  Following the hiss of atmospheric change, two sets of coughs alerted everyone to life inside"Urng...." Came a voice from inside one of the pods. Slowly a figure could be seen to stir from within the pod. "What... Where..." It was unmistakeably Amber's voice, but not from her prone position on the floor. It came from within the pod.Joining that, another voice from the other pod.  It was obviously Rosette, but it had no hint of the insectoid creepiness of Spidette."Amber? s'that you?" she asked, with a bit of slurring. Rosette reached up, and placed a hand on the edge of the pod, to pull herself up.  Naturally, everyone there with a gun jumped back and aimed it at the two pods.  There was no way for them to know.The group of Blue Dwarfers who were still standing looked on in silence as the almost unthinkable happened. Amber and Rosette slowly clambered out of the pods. Naked and covered in slime from the stasis chemicals the Hymenopterra used to keep them sedated. "Urm... Hi..." Amber said, waving meekly and trying to cover her modesty. "Who's that?" She asked, pointing at the Amber on the floor. Rosette followed suit, and stood.  But instantly, she returned to the pod.  "uhh.... some clothes would be nice..." she said, not even daring to look at what was out there.  Some of the things that had happened she had been able to see, but most of it was a complete blank. "That's you." Seymour said.  "And the giant spider is Rosette.  She tried to kill us all several times!" he added.  This just caused Rosette to remain in the pod, unable to look at anyone."Did I... kill anyone?" she asked."Oh yeah!" Justin said, leaping forwards and handing Rosette his jacket. "You were awesome. I can't believe the way you slaughtered all those people. Spidette is amazing. Can't you be like that all the time" The traitor yammered, ogling at the exposed bits of Rosette like a hungry animal. Jay, reluctantly, and unsure of the situation handed Amber his flight jacket. "You're paying for the dry cleaning." he said, looking between the unconscious Amber on the floor and the one stood before him.Rosette tore the jacket from Justin's hand, and put it on.  "Why couldn't you have been one of them?" She asked herself quietly, though probably loud enough to be heard by everyone there.  She slowly stood, and climbed out of the pod."We need to get out of here... The Hymenoptera will know we're out." she said, looking to Amber.  "I don't know about you, but I need a strong drink..." she said, giving a weak smile.  Yes, she was out of the stasis pod, but to what?  A world that she'd killed several people?She shivered, and fell to her knees, looking at the giant spider in front of her.  "No..." she said, imagining herself charging around the ship, slaughtering people everywhere."I..." she started, getting up again.  Instead of walking towards the exit, she stood in front of the unmoving, but still living body of the giant spider, and started punching its head until her hands bled."We need to get back to the Dwarf and sort this out. Seymour, keep an eye on these two. Wolfgang, help me get these two." He gestured to the unconscious bodies. "To the shuttle. No offence guys, but until this is sorted out you'll have to be locked up too.<Tag everyone!>OOC - Right we need to get out of here. Feel free to blow the station and escape the clutches of the Hymenopterra!
This finale was brought to you by SMAndy and Becca.   :D

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