Don't you open that trap door

<ooc: Justin... I would very much appreciate it if you could ask the owners of an action before you go doing things that might break the plan in obvious ways.  All is good though, because i planned for something like this><snip>He pressed the big red button and the lights in the room dimmed."Justin what have you done?!" Shouted Jay, pulling him away from the console. Justin continued to bite his nails, then he shrugged. "I'm... I... I think I had to. Someone told me to!"There was a hissing sound, which seemed to come from all around the room. It was coming from the stasis pods, which were opening one by one. The hissing sound was the rush of cold air escaping.One by one, the doors opened, and people started to move. The people looked like people... but were they?
</snip>Each pod that opened had a red flashing light above it, meshing it in with the other two that had it.A chorus of voices from the pods, ranging from "Kill me!" to "I want to die" filled the chamber, as they all appeared to be attached by various biological mechanisms to the pods, almost as if the entire system was grown purposefully, including the human.Spidette leapt across the hall, leaving Seymour alone for a moment, as a bigger threat had emerged.  She quickly restarted the system, and glared at Justin as the pods sealed themselves again, all apart from the one that had been torn from the ceiling."You say you want to join us, but you're just here to ruin our plans, aren't you?" Spidette asked Justin as she advanced on him.  Her sharp claws and legs cracking into the soft, squishy ground, drawing blood from the ship.  Justin had no choice but to back off."Rosette is in this one!" Seymour called, after peeling the layer of goop from the pod.  The sounds finally dying down enough for people to hear each other, and themselves.Spidette began to charge towards him again, knocking Justin aside, hoping it was enough to kill him, but unconciousness was more than enough to satisfy her for now.  It was important to make sure the pods stayed connected."BREAK IT OPEN!" Jay called, watching the spidery form charge towards Seymour.  Any attack from a giant spider hymenoptera at that speed would tear a man in half.  Seymour quickly slammed the empty pistol down on the surface, cracking it."dammit." Jay said, raising the pistol he had.  There was enough time for one shot, he just had to hope he could snap the tubes like seymour had done with the other one."come on." he said, and pulled the trigger...<Tag Jay or myself.  I'll continue this later.  Justin... Please feel free to do anything *except* open the pods again.>

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