Justin is being manipulated... again

Justin stepped forward. "Please let me join you!" he said, like the pitiful
groupie he had become. Rosette simply hissed at him.
"you're not even worthy of eating." she spat.
"I'm going to enjoy killing you." she said, rearing back as the giant black
spider emerged once more, ripping the outer shell apart until she stood there as
she had done so long ago.
<end snip>
Justin watched as Spidette chased Seymour into a corner behind the pods where he
hid. The large insect clawed at the pods, trying to push them out of the way to
get to him.
Justin looked down at Amber on the floor, her eyes were open but she was
unconscious. He could tell she was alive because she was still breathing. He
turned her over to try and wake her up. "Captain... Captain!" He said.
"Yes?" Said Jay, several feet away getting to his feet and dusting himself off.
"Not you! I mean Amber!"
"Oh yeah." Said Jay.
Amber didn't stir, but her eyes remained partially open, and they were black and
shiny like a spider's viewed through a good lens. As he shook her, a tear of
black fell from her eyes and down her cheek. "Eww." Said Justin, and let her
head drop to the floor.
He stood up and walked cautiously over to the massive monster that was Spidette,
her body now 7 feet tall and with four more legs than before. Her body was a
dark green, and was covered in a green slime which must be her blood. The skin
of her human body hung around her bony waist, hanging in shreds. Justin looked
at her face, which looked like a rubber mask, with a tear down the middle where
her insect body had burst through it.
Justin grinned. "I knew she still had it in her!" he said.
Justin edged closer. He admired the Hymenoptera so much, and he thought about
his future. He thought about what the time traveller Potential had said to him,
about the future and how Hymenoptera would take over the galaxy. He wanted to be
on the winning side.
But he hesitated. What was he going to do? How could he make Spidette accept him
as one of them?
As he hesitated, he noticed that it wasn't just him that was frozen. Spidette in
front of him was motionless. He looked back to see Jay frozen in time, and
around him the steaming gas from the pods was frozen too. It was as if someone
had paused his life, and he only knew one person who could do that.
A man with big bushy eyebrows put a hand on his shoulder. "What are you waiting
for?" Potential said. "Do it!"
Justin bit his lip. "Well... technically, you showed me the future where I
became Captain. So I can't really do anything wrong can I? Because that's
destined to be true nomatter what?" Justin said.
Potential shook his head and tutted. "Not true. I showed you what COULD be."
"Oh" Said Justin.
"Remember Porky Roebuck? You had to deliver the potion to him that turned Humans
into Hymenoptera. That was the start of your path to being a Captain, but you
"You FAILED!" Said Potential.
"Just because I didn't give that smegging vial to that smegging fat smeg?"
Potential nodded. "That's what I told you to do. And you failed."
"Does that mean I won't be Captain then? Of my own Hymenoptera ship?" Justin
looked sad, and kicked at the ground in frustration. Then he looked up to
eagerly await Potential's reply.
"You still have a chance." Said Potential. "Depending on what you do today."
Potential then disappeared, leaving Justin with his heart pounding. What did he
have to do? What could he possibly do here today that would lead to him being
made into a Captain of Earth's first Hymenoptera spaceship?
He looked around the room at the stasis pods that lined the walls. Each of them
has a creature inside which looked Human. He peered closer, looking at the Human
with Human skin... mostly Human skin.
Justin bit his nails nervously.
Then he walked over to a control panel which seemed to be growing out of the
middle of the room like a mushroom. It contained a big squidgy red button.
Justin bit his nails nervously.
His hand hovered over the button, wondering if it would do what he thought it
would. Several meters away, Jay noticed what he was doing. "Justin.. what are
Justin bit his nails nervously. He almost stopped himself...
...but didn't.
He pressed the big red button and the lights in the room dimmed.
"Justin what have you done?!" Shouted Jay, pulling him away from the console.
Justin continued to bite his nails, then he shrugged. "I'm... I... I think I had
to. Someone told me to!"
There was a hissing sound, which seemed to come from all around the room. It was
coming from the stasis pods, which were opening one by one. The hissing sound
was the rush of cold air escaping.
One by one, the doors opened, and people started to move. The people looked like
people... but were they?
<Tag – are we going to get attacked by these people? Or has Justin just saved
them? Are they snacks kept by the Hymenoptera, or are they something more
sinister? Are they Hybrids? Whoever posts next should decide!>

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