**ACTION** The Spider, The Queen, and the Stasis Pod - Part 1

Who: Seymour, Rose, Amber, Wolfgang, Jay, Justin
Where: Hymenopterra Station
When: After the snippette
A minute later, Seymour emerged wearing some new boots. "Ready now?" Asked
Amber, Seymour sheepishly nodded and followed her.
They followed a tunnel for a few metres which eventually opened out into a
larger room. They all gasped at what they saw.
"Woah..." Rosette said, lowering her rifle as she gazed out to the depths of the
giant room. Pods lined the walls, the floors and the ceiling. Some were even
hovering in mid-air, suspended by trailing cables and tubes.
"are they all... stasis pods?" she asked, wiping enough gloop from one to see
inside. A human looking body lay there, motionless.
"who told you to lay mines everywhere!" jay called from behind as they caught
up. "You nearly got me killed!"
"Heh, standard tactic employed on enemy space stations, my old captain told me
that. Esspecially on Hymenopterra space stations." Amber said, grinning at Jay,
knowing that he'd take the slight jibe in his stride.
"What is this place?" Seymour asked, bravely clearing the goop from another pod
with a hankerchief from his pocket.
"Fair point." Jay conceded, but stepped forward. "Have you figured out what
this is yet?" he asked.
"These are stasis pods." Amber said, "They all look like they've got humans in
Rosette stepped up behind Seymour, and placed a goop covered hand on his
shoulder. Mostly to annoy, but also to gauge his reaction. "I'm surprised you
could push yourself to be with the common people." she said, badly faking the
"Yes, well. I've decided I want to be Captain again." he replied, trying to
ignore the goop that was now on his shoulder.
"What's that?" Rosette asked, looking into the distance. One of the pods had a
red light flashing above it, looking like some kind of warning. As they stared,
another one flashed up, next to the first.
The small group cautiously moved over to the pods, Amber, Rosette and Jay all
drawing guns as the moved closer.
"Can anyone else here that?" Amber asked, rubbing her temples with a free hand.
"Low, buzzing noise?"
"Yeah... I hear it too..." Rosette responded, dropping her gun and dropping to
her knees. She clutched her head as the sound got stronger, and louder.
Everyone else appeared to be ignorant of it, as they approached the pods
normally, completely unaffected.
"What's wrong?" Jay asked, stopping with them. The red lights ahead of them
increased in intensity, until Rosette stood sharply, tearing the gun from Jay's
hand and throwing it across the room.
"You will leave this place." she said with an insectoid growl to her voice.
Amber stared at the pods, seeming to be staring into space, her attention
focused on the blinking red lights above the two stasis holding cells. She shook
her head and glared at Jay.
"My Lord? Why do you come here now?" She hissed, in a soothing way, her eyes as
black as night, inky pools of darkness that were a signifier of when she was
with the Hymenopterran hive
"U zult nu weggaan!" Amber hissed.
"I TOLD YOU!" Seymour screamed, pointing his gun at them. "I TOLD you she was a
bug still!" he said again, while Jay held his hand, obviously Rosette's
disarming was a little more painful than it first appeared.
Justin stepped forward. "Please let me join you!" he said, like the pitiful
groupie he had become. Rosette simply hissed at him.
"you're not even worthy of eating." she spat.
"Quick, Seymour! cut those cables!" Jay called, moving towards them too, but
the two wwomen quickly caught up, and pushed him to the ground.
Seymour quikly ran to the pods as he was told, firing blindly at the pods and
cables attached, missing with every shot. The closer he got to it, the closer
his shots were to the target, until one nicked a cable, snapping it. As it hit
the ground, Amber slumped to a heap on the ground, leaving Rosette on her own.
"I'm going to enjoy killing you." she said, rearing back as the giant black
spider emerged once more, ripping the outer shell apart until she stood there as
she had done so long ago.
"Seyyyyyymour!" she called, charging after him, leaving Jay on the ground.
<To Be Continued...>

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