Pancake has something in his trousers

Eckerslike said goodbye and Justin laid down on his bunk, staring at the
Hymenoptera potion. Suddenly there was a knock at his door.
"It's security!" Someone shouted. We've detected an alien substance in your
room. We need to search your quarters.
"Smeg!" Shouted Justin, and hid the vial somewhere they would never find it.
<end snip>
Who: Justin, Rosette and several security officers
Where: Justin's Quarters
When: After the security knocked on the door
The security team entered the room and started searching everywhere. Rosette
walked in last and scowled at him. "What are you up to this time Pancake?" She
asked him, her hatred of the disgusting man was obvious.
"Nuthin." Justin lied, and smiled at her.
She didn't smile back, instead looked around the room. At least if they didn't
find anything they would have made a mess and ruined his day. But Justin
continued to smile at her.
Rosette grimaced. "Hurry up guys, I don't want to be in here for a second longer
than I have to with this little reprobate."
She then saw something horrific.
"What the hell is that in your trousers?!" Rosette squealed. There was a bulge
in Justin's crotch. "That's disgusting!" Shouted Rosette. "You put it in your
pants didn't you?!"
"Put what in my pants?" Justin asked.
"The item. The item we're looking for smeghead! An alien substance from the
spacestation, you brought something back didn't you?!"
"No." Said Justin. "I didn't bring anything back, and I'm not planning on giving
it to anyone to further advance my career."
Rosette's eyes narrowed to little slits. "You're a nasty piece of work Pancake!"
One of the security officers scanned him with a Psi-scanner. "He's got traces of
Hymenoptera all over him. He's either got the substance on him or he's been
touching it recently."
Rosette nodded.
"Sooo...." Justin pointed to the bulge in his crotch. "Do you want to strip
search me?"
Rosette made a disgusted being sick sound. "No way."
"Come on, all you have to do is put your hand down there!" He said with a grin,
thrusting the bulge in Rosette's direction. "How else are you going to get it
out, if you want it so bad?"
Rosette put her hands on her hips. She had a plann.
Who: Justin
Where: Outer space
When: A few minutes later
Justin was in a spacesuit on the end of a rope attached the the Blue Dwarf.
Strapped to his waist were several packs of explosives.
"I can't believe you threw me out of an airlock!" He whined through his radio.
"I wasn't going to put my hand down your trousers you pervy little goit!" Said
Rosette. "You pushed me too far!"
Justin looked at the explosives on his waist. "You're not really going to blow
me up are you?"
There was silence through the radio.
From several hundreds of meters away inside the Blue Dwarf, Rosette was watching
Justin bobbing about in space with her finger over a red detonator.
"Probably." She said. "I've had a bad few weeks. I was replaced by a Hymenoptera
and had to live in a stasis pod for ages. I'm not in a great mood to be honest."
"But that's murder!" Said Justin. "What would you tell the Captain?"
"No, it's a controlled explosion. I'll tell him that the alien substance you've
hidden in your pants is a danger to the ship. I had to explode it to save us
There was silence. Rosette's finger moved closer to the button. Eventually
Justin spoke.
"But it's not hidden in my pants." He said.
"What? It is, I saw the bulge. It was so obvious!"
"Oh that... no... that's just my erection because I fancy you."
"You... what?!"
"Well I fancied you more when you were a Hymenoptera... but you're still okay as
a Human. But to be honest I've gone off you in the last few minutes."
Rosette slapped her head with the palm of her hand. "So you don't have it on you
at all?"
"No, it's hidden in my quarters in a sock. Your security team probably didn't
look there because it's really grim."
Rosette mentioned something to a security officer next to her who went to bring
back a really hard sock.
"Justin, this sock doesn't.... bend." She said.
"I know. It's what I use for ..... don't worry about it." He said.
Rosette tipped up the sock and the vial of Hymenoptera goo fell out. "I should
destroy this right away." She said.
"No wait!" Said Justin, from outside. "I've made arrangements for someone to
collect it. I haven't talked money yet, but I bet he'll give me lots for it. If
you let me back inside I'll split it with you?"
Rosette laughed. "I'm not your business partner!"
"He's a friend of the MD of the JMC, he's well connected. He could get you a
better job. He's going to make me a Captain."
Rosette scoffed. "You'd never be a Captain! You're too much of a dick."
"Perfect Captain!" Said Justin. "Didn't you ever wonder why all bosses are
dicks? They do this kind of thing to get ahead! Think about it, you could have
your own ship, or he could make you the head of the Security Department maybe?"
Rosette thought about it. "When's he arriving?"
Justin looked around, and a spaceship passed by him and docked with the Blue
Dwarf. "He's here now!"
<Tag Rosette, what's your answer? Do you want to make a deal with Porky Rosebuck
to get a promotion or make a quick buck?>

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