Who: Rosette, Amber, Isra
Where: Quarantine Labs
When: While Justin is space-walking
"Well, I think it's best for everyone if you stay outside for a bit."
she said, and turned off the radio so she didn't have to listen to him
"Leave him out there for an hour, then bring him in..." she said to
the security guards that she'd taken with her.
The security guards radio's chirped as Keto got through to them.
"You are to escort Rosette and Amber to the medibay. They should have
gone into quarantine!" he yelled at them, not following procedure for
something like this could cause Keto a big headache later on.
"I don't want to have to clean up the mess if they go on another
rampage." he added before turning the radio off. The security guards
turned to her, so all she could do was go with them.
"Can't be helped...." she said as she met up with Amber on the way.
"I'm surprised they didn't force us in there the moment we got back."
she added.
"This is the Dwarf... No one cares about protocol or rules." Amber
said. This much was true, and leaving Justin dangling on a tether in
space was a prime example of that. Rosette could only hope that
they'd go for a wormhole jump while he was still out there.
Soon, they arrived at the Medibay, where Keto had constructed a
makeshift barrier for him and his 'colleagues' in a corner.
OVerturned tables, chairs, boxes and knives had been stuck together to
stop anything getting through.
"In the quarantine lab!" he called over the top of it. "And lock the
doors!" he added.
"I don't get paid enough to do this kind of thing." he said under his breath.
"Are you survivors from Jupiter Station?" asked a woman with messy
brown hair in another quarantine lab. Both Rosette and Amber looked
at her. She wasn't looking at them though, just staring out through
the viewport into space.
"What happened to Jupiter station?" they asked, almost simultaneously.
"Blown up by Hymenoptera." she replied. The nametag on her JMC
engineering overalls said 'Isra'.
She turned to see who had come to join her in Quarantine, and smiled
as she saw them.
"Oh, hello." she said with a sly grin. She seemed to be looking at
Amber when she said it...
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