OOC - New character "Keith Wirrals"

Hi everyone, here's new member Gavin who's actually been a member before for a while. He'll be playing Keith Wirrals, who works in the mining department and has a collection of rocks. You can see his biography below or on the website here: http://www.bluedwarf.co.uk/crew/mining/keith-wirrals character name: Keith Wirralscharacter gender: Malecharacter's age: 23character's nationality: BritishDepartment: MiningJob (in department): JMC LiaisonYour character's physical appearance:5"10', 10 stone, Slightly less muscle than his frame should allow for,brown eyes and hair, a few freckles (mainly on and around his nose),broken nose from childhood street fight and close cropped hair, apartfrom his fringe which hangs down below his eyes.character's personality and interests:People who meet Keith tend to think of him as a fairly likeable loser, the sort of guy that lucks his way into exclusive parties and gets on with everyone, but doesn't exactly light the place up. He has a happy-go-lucky outlook, on the whole, and thoroughly enjoys the company of other likeable losers. In fact, it's very rare that he meets someone he doesn't get on with, a notable exception being Jay Chrysler, who's always stayed distant since a minor misunderstanding regarding his wife and then captain.Keith does, however, have his flaws. His tendancy to say 'like' in the middle of a sentence, after the manner of an old-style Hippie, really grates after a while, he gets steaming drunk at every available opportunity and certain crewmembers see him as a womanizer (despite the fact that he has never once been anything but gentlemanly, by his own standards, anyway). On top of this, he has a strange fondness for rocks, of all things, especially Quartz. His extensive mineral collection and the fact that he talks to it have scared off more than a handful of new friends.Very rarely his cheery demeanor is punctured by a dark or brooding comment, indicating that perhaps he's not as happy with his life as a whole as he really should be. But then, nobody has ever gotten to know him too well.character's history:The child of a back street mechanoid repair and upgrade mechanic who was, unfortunately, quite inept, Keith never had an easy childhood right from the word go. It became apparent to him at the age of 8 while he was out running away from home again that the stones he repeatedly kicked as he went had a certain beauty and perfection of form. It took him until he was 14 to realise that he had a natural feel for the minerals and metals which mankind so depended on to build this world of iron and concrete. Since he was little good at anything else he decided to persue this line of thought and realised that the only way he was ever going to be of any use to the world would be to join a mining ship, or else fall into a street gang to mug and hustle. He finished his piecemeal education and headed straight to the J.M.C., where he was accepted as a and assigned to the mining ship McArthur, where he learned his trade. At just about the same time that the Red Dwarf dissapeared the McArthur met with engine problems, and was evacuated, Keith caught the last pod out just as the whole ship was irradiated. When the Blue Dwarf crew was formed Keith was one of the many currently "redundant" miners hastily assigned to the Blue Dwarf.In the intervening years Keith has generally been of little importance, apart from a very short spell where he accidentally fell in with the senior officers. During this time he assisted in the recovery of the Blue Dwarf from the past.More play-by-post games at Ongoing Worlds 

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