**Action** - Missile delivery

Who: Efof Yuwan'Kar, Wolfgang, Maxine and Keith
Where: Drive Room, Blue Dwarf
When: While Rosette and Amber were in Quarantine
It was a slow day in the Drive Room, Efof had his feet up on the desk and was
twirling an elastic band around his 20 fingers. The Blue Dwarf was set at a
pretty safe cruising speed and he had set Holly to navigate past any planets or
"I don't see why I've even got to be here." Efof said. "Holly can handle the
navigation. I should be in Parrotts!"
Maxine Ryder and Keith Wirrals entered the room, and heard Efof talking. They
both looked around and saw no-one else.
"Err, who are you talking to?" Asked Maxine.
The voice of someone entering made Efof sit bolt upright and take his feet off
the desk. "Oh!" He said. "You made me jump, I thought it was the Captain!"
Efof didn't move, but slid away from his desk. Then Wolfgang crawled out from
under the desk, between his legs.
"Oh my god!" Shouted Maxine. "What are you guys doing in here?"
"Oh hullo!" Said Wolfgang. "I vahss just checking dass cables under ze desks."
Efof nodded. "So what can we do for you?" Efof asked.
"I'm the new Engineer." Said Maxine. "I'm here to see the Captain."
"And I'm here to ask the Captain when we're next going to do some mining.
There's an entire department of miners who are getting restless." Said Keith.
Efof pointed at the closed door to the Captain's office. "Jay...uh... I mean the
Captain is in there getting some new orders from the Admiral."
Just as he said that, the Captain's door slid open and Jay emerged.
"New orders sir?" Maxine asked.
"Yes." said Captain Chrysler. "We're to rendezvous with a ship, they're
delivering us a very powerful missile."
"Missile?" Exclaimed Efof. Then added "Coooool".
"Missile?" Said Wolfgang. "Zat sounds zery dangerous, ve must follow strict
health unt safety regulations!"
Jay nodded at the German. "I agree. Wolfgang, I want you to oversee the safety
of the the ship. The missile is powerful enough to wipe out an entire solar
system, I don't want any mistakes."
"Aye sir!" Wolfgang said and saluted.
"So... Captain, can I ask why we've been given a highly dangerous missile?"
Asked Maxine.
Jay thought carefully about his answer. "We've been ordered to destroy a star."
He said.
Everyone sucked in air through their teeth nervously.
"Coooool!" said Efof with a big grin on his face.
Jay looked at his watch. "We should be rendezvousing right about.... now." They
watched out of the window and saw a metallic Space Corps ship come towards them
and pull up alongside.
"That's the SCS Lamb Bhuna, right on time." Said Jay. He turned to Maxine. "The
missile is bigger than normal, so we need to convert one of the Flight Desks
into a missile launcher. Can you do that? Get that idiot Justin to help too, but
don't let him near the missile, he'll probably try to shag it, worship it or
give it to the Hymenoptera or something."
"No problem sir." Maxine said, and saluted.
Jay turned to Keith. "We're going to need a lot of metal to create the missile
launcher rig. We don't have enough in our surplus, but there's a small moon
nearby that has plenty of iron ore. Can you take a mining team and extract some
as quickly as possible?"
Keith nodded. "Finally, some mining!" He said excitedly.
Before Wolfgang and Maxine left the room, Jay called to them. "The missile is
currently on the other ship, I want it bringing across to the Blue Dwarf without
any mishaps, understood?"
They left the room nervously.
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