Who: Isra, Amber & Rosette
Where: Quarantine
When: after the last post there
Amber slumped down into a corner of the quarantine bay, remembering the time
that this room had once held the Appendix. A sentient organ removed from Ensign
Wildflower. She was pretty sure that it still smelled a little bit like fusty
"Eeesh, Keto, you ever clean this place?" She complained through the intercom
"Shut up you Hymenoptera traitors!" He growled.
"We'll use ointments on you!" Wildflower threatened. Causing Keto to turn
towards her and growl menacingly.
"Ointments would require close proximity to the quarantined subjects. This is
not advised as it contravenes numerous space core directives." Holo-Tara blandly
said, going back to cleaning the medi-beds in the room.
Rosette stood at the back of the lab, leaning against the wall. "How long are
you going to keep us in here?" she asked, impatiently.
"I dunno," Isra started. "The view in here is kinda nice, at least."
"My mum might have fancied him. But the thought of Keto naked doesn't do it for
me. And it's nothing but black out there." Amber said, not getting what Isra
"Him? I'd rather move to the brig for the rest of my days." she replied.
Rosette looked up at them both, at how Isra was staring across the quarantine
bays, rather than out of them.
"Heh." Rosette said, realising what was going on. "So, Who are you, anyway?"
she asked.
"Me? I'm an engineer from Jupiter Station. Isra." she answered.
"How about you?"
"Amber, CNO born and bread on the Big Blue One." She sighed and banged on the
glass in frustration.
"Rosette. Security." Rosette added to the conversation.
"Keep it down in there. I'll have no collaboration from bugs." Keto barked as
he continued the tests.
"Screw you Xavier" Amber shouted at the Doctor, knowing it would press his
"Don't. Call. Me. That." He hissed, typically angry at the use of his real name
and not Charles.
"Xavier? What kind of name is that?" Rosette chipped in, noticing Amber's sly
grin. Maybe he'd let them out to stop the annoyance.
"I can see why he goes by Charles..." she added.
Isra moved to the corner next to Rosette's cell, and tapped on the glass,
calling her over. Rosette stepped towards the glass, and listened as Isra
whispered to her.
"Will you three shut up in there. I'm trying to do some work, unlike some
reprobates who have had months off in stasis!" His teeth were getting more and
more clenched, Amber was pretty sure that if they carried on she'd hear some of
them shatter.
"No, she's available... don't know what the response would be though." Rosette
said as she went back to her position leaning on the glass.
"I've seen free clinic docs work faster than this, Xavier." Rosette said, almost
spitting the word 'Xavier'. "And they have a bed side manner that can be
described without swearing." she added
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This has been yet another JP by the duo who need no introduction.

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