Who: The Cheerful Inhabitants of Quarantine
Where: Quarantine
When: During their quarantine
Isra moved to the corner next to Rosette's cell, and tapped on the glass,
calling her over. Rosette stepped towards the glass, and listened as Isra
whispered to her.
"Will you three shut up in there. I'm trying to do some work, unlike some
reprobates who have had months off in stasis!" His teeth were getting more and
more clenched, Amber was pretty sure that if they carried on she'd hear some of
them shatter.
"No, she's available... don't know what the response would be though." Rosette
said as she went back to her position leaning on the glass.
"I've seen free clinic docs work faster than this, Xavier." Rosette said, almost
spitting the word 'Xavier'. "And they have a bed side manner that can be
described without swearing." she added
"My method of work," came Keto's voice through the intercom, still sounding like
it was travelling through a dozen layers of gritted teeth, "Is careful,
pre-planned and organised. THAT, Ms Bug, is why it takes TIME for me to do what
I do, and it is also why I am very GOOD at what I do."
Keto was somewhat dismayed that this statement was greeted by raucous laughter
from within the quarantine cells. He was even more dismayed that Wildflower,
standing behind him, joined in. Holo-Tara continued cleaning, expression as
blank as ever.
"Right," Keto growled, flicking off the intercom and returning to work at the
panel beside it, "I think everything is in order."
"You said that last time, and it appears you were wrong," said Wildflower,
pointing one finger down the far end of the lab where a mysterious blue liquid
was leaking down the wall from one of the air vents.
"That was a minor miscalculation!" protested Keto, "And that compound is
entirely harmless. Unless it mixes with plastic. And then catches fire."
"Which, on this bargain-basement ship, is what (a) makes up most of its parts
and (b) happens ALL THE TIME," muttered Wildflower. Keto waved a hand to shush
"Very well. Commencing decontamination!" he announced, and pushed a tiny button
on the control panel.
The self-contained air circulation system within the quarantine cells whirred
into overdrive, and with a WHUMPH of escaping pressure a large cloud of
blue-green powder enveloped the three contained people. A large amount of
coughing and swearing ensued.
"So...this is 'everything in order', is it?" asked Wildflower.
"I deliberately used a surplus of decontamination powder to ensure that all
disease was purged," sniffed Keto.
"But they're coughing and appear to be almost unable to breathe."
"That was a secondary bonus."
Keto waited until the clouds of powder had begun to clear, then entered a
security code into the panel next to him. The cell doors hissed open, revealing
three irate and still mildly choking piles of blue-greenness.
"There is no need to thank me," said Keto, holding up a hand to forestall their
inevitable gratitude, "Thanks to my genius, your statutory six-month quarantine
period has now been reduced and you are free to WHAT ARE YOU DOING NO DON'T YOU
Keto was hit in the face by a handful of decontaminant powder and the rest of
his tirade fell into a sudden hacking cough.
"Ah," said Wildflower, who had tactically retreated out of the way, "Another
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