Efof + Keith - Planet of the rock monsters

Who: Efof
Where: Starbug, Small planet, near the Blue Dwarf
When: After the SCS Lamb Bhuna arrived
Efof licked his finger and turned the page of the glossy magazine. Then he
turned the double-page spread vertically and shrugged. Then he sighed. "It's
just not the same without Brittany." He said.
Then he turned to look at the dashboard on the Starbug's computer console in
front of him. It said that the cargo hold was just over half full. The miners
would be probably another half an hour before they've filled it up totally.
He'd piloted a team of miners, containing Geologist Jack Rockfield and Keith
Wirrals to this rocky planet to extract ore. Jay had told them they needed to
create some sort of missile launching frame, which meant this had been the first
time in ages that the Blue Dwarf had done any mining. The smelting plant back on
the ship had been activated too, and Efof had gone for a visit before pepping
the Starbug. All the miners looked so excited to actually be useful again.
Efof put down the magazine and looked out of the Starbug's window. He could see
one of the holes the miners had built, which had a steady stream of smoke coming
out of it. He wasn't really sure what it was the miners did, but it involved a
lot of heavy lifting and getting dirty. He didn't mind getting dirty, but he
wasn't so good at heavy lifting as he wasn't much of the athletic type.
When they had first got to the planet, the miners had asked him to lift out some
large drillbits, which he just couldn't lift. They seemed to think because Efof
had four arms, he had twice the strength. The truth was, he only had a quarter
strength in each arm.
A face appeared at the window, it was covered in dirt and the hair was all
straggled. It was Keith Wirrals, who looked panicked.
Efof jumped back in fright.
Keith banged rapidly on the window. Then looked behind him terrified, then he
banged again quickly.
Efof didn't notice the man's fright, instead he calmly said "Sorry Keith, I'm
just not strong enough to carry your equipment. You'll have to get your men to
do it."
"Open up! Open up, quick!" Said Keith, again looking behind him in fright.
"I'm sorry, I've eaten all the KitKats, you'll have to wait until we get back to
the Blue Dwarf." Said Efof.
"For god's sake, open up!!" Shouted Keith.
Efof strolled to the door and opened it. Keith Wirrals rushed in and quickly
barricaded the door. "We have to get off this rock!" He shouted. "Now!"
Efof put all four palms out in front of him. "Woah woah woah, what's the hurry!"
"There's... things.... down there!" He shouted.
"What things?"
"Big, dangerous things! They killed everyone!" Keith said.
"Yes. All dead."
"Even Jack Rockport?"
"Yes. Everybody's dead!" Said Keith. "Now drive, drive! Before they kill us
Efof calmly sad down in the pilot's seat. "If you say so." He said, and started
the Starbug's engines. "But Jack Rockport's not dead." said Efof, "I can see him
through the window."
He pointed, and looked back at Keith, who was stood behind him.
They could see the man running towards the Starbug, away from the hole that
they'd mined. Efof stood up and walked to the Starbug's hatch, but Keith slammed
it shut. "No!" He said.
"What?" Said Efof, "We have to let him in".
"It's too late!" Said Keith, pointing. "Look!"
Behind Jack, a large monster crawled out of the hole. It was made entirely of
rocks, which seemed to move together as one being. In the rock for it's head
shone too beady little red lights for eyes. The monster bounded towards them,
taking only two mighty strides before he caught up with Rockfield. Then it
brought it's large stone fists down and crushed Jack, laving nothing but a smear
on the ground.
"SMEG!" Shouted Keith and Efof in unison.
"Gogogogogo!" Shouted Keith.
Efof slammed his foot down hard on the accelerator, and the Starbug shot
forward, arcing towards the stars, but it slammed to a halt after just a few
The rock monster had grabbed the green ship's rear landing leg, and wasn't going
to let go. It pulled the Starbug back down, and swung it around, smashing the
vehicle onto a nearby rock. Inside, Keith and Efof flew across the room and
slammed into the wall.
Efof jumped back into the pilots seat as quickly as he could and fought back
against the monster. But the creature now had hold of the Starbug's front and
bag leg, and was holding it firmly in place. The creature made a loud roar and
shook the Starbug, shaking Efof and the miner back into the midsection.
Then the monster arched it's back, holding the Starbug at the front and back,
and then lunged forward, tossing the Starbug through the air towards a big rocky
outcrop. The force was surely enough to split the Starbug apart.
Inside, Efof tumbled over and over and felt like he was in a washing machine.
But quickly scrambled into the cockpit.
Just before the Starbug connected with the rocky outcropping, the engines fired
and it flew off sideways, never connecting with the landscape. It took a few
seconds to stop spinning, but when it did, Efof turned them away from the planet
and back towards the Blue Dwarf.
Keith looked back through one of the rear monitors, showing the monster stomping
around on the surface below.
"All those men..." He started to say.
"Well they probably died doing what they loved. Mining?" Efof said. "We've got
more than half the cargo hold full. That'll be enough."
They flew back to the Blue Dwarf, and unloaded the ore to be converted into
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