Pancake in space

Who: Justin Pancake
When: After Rosette left him outside
Where: In space, in a spacesuit
"Hello?" Justin called through the radio on his spacesuit. "Is this thing
working? Can you hear me?" He looked back at the Blue Dwarf, which looked from
out here like a big horizontal skyscraper. Lights twinkled from every room.
There was an advantage of being out here, he could spy in through people's
windows. He scanned up and down the ship with his eyes to see if any fit young
ensigns were getting undressed. Sadly, none were.
A blip came from his spacesuit to tell him that his oxygen was running out.
"Hello?!" He called again. "Rosette! I'm really sorry for taking the piss out of
you, it was just a joke. Can't you take a -" The spacesuit beeped again.
"Dammit! I'm running out of air!"
He was tethered to the Blue Dwarf by a long rope, which he started to tug on,
gradually pulling himself closer to the airlock. But it was a long rope, and he
wouldn't make it in time.
Justin's spacesuit fell under shadow. He turned around to see a giant spaceship
coming straight towards him brandishing the name "SCS Lamb Bhuna".
"Smeg!" Justin said, and pulled faster on the rope.
The smooth round nose-cone of the SpaceCorps ship bumped into him, and rocketed
him back towards the Blue Dwarf where he smacked onto the plexiglass window of
Lt Kara McGellan. As Justin's face lay flat against the window, he watched as
the Lieutenant inside got undressed.
"Result!" He said.
But she soon turned, saw him ogling her, and angrily threw the curtains shut.
"Aww!" Justin said, then felt himself being pulled across the window. Finally he
was being winched in.
The airlock door opened and Justin tumbled inside, quickly taking his helmet
off. "Finally!" He said. "Rosette left me out there, she's trying to kill me!"
He complained at Wolfgang and Maxine Rider. Wolfgang was holding a replacement
oxygen tank, which he fitted to Justin's suit. "Hey what's this for?" Justin
"You're going out again." Wolfgang said.
"We all are." Said Maxine. "We're retrieving a missile."

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