Justin moves a missile with major mishap

Who: Justin, Wolfgang, Maxine
Where: Blue Dwarf, space
When: After the SCS Lamb Bhuna arrives
"You're going out again." Wolfgang said.
"We all are." Said Maxine. "We're retrieving a missile."
<end snip>
"What what what?" Justin said. "That sounds dangerous!"
"Not if ve follow de correct health unt safety procedures!" Said Wolfgang.
All three of them floated out into space, towards the SCS Lamb Bhuna, which was
opening up it's launchbay doors to reveal a large missile.
"Vow!" Said Wolfgang. "Zat is bik!"
Maxine nodded.
Justin turned to Maxine and raised his eyebrow. "So, you like big long objects
do you? Because I've got one..." Maxine engaged her suit's thrusters and moved
away from him. "Hey, I said...." Justin said, but it looked like either Maxine
was in no mood for his childish jokes, or she couldn't hear him. "Hello? Hello?"
He said, testing out the radio in his spacesuit. "I don't think my radio is
Ahead of them, the officers of the SCS Lamb Bhuna were out in their spacesuits
too. A large mechanical crane listed the missile out of its housing and into
space. The large missile floated towards them.
"So, where do you want it?" Asked one of the Spacecorps officers, as if he was a
delivery man.
"Right over there." Maxine said, pointing to the open flightbay door on the Blue
They all grabbed onto the missile, and used their jetpacks to fly it towards the
Blue Dwarf.
"Get off there!" Shouted Maxine, as she realised Justin was riding the bomb.
"Weeeee- aww!" Said Justin.
Inside the Blue Dwarf's flight deck, a team was constructing a large scaffold
cradle where the missile would be placed. As they got closer, Wolfgang started
telling them to be careful many times in his outrageous German accent.
Justin slid off the missile and got round to the left of it, and helped Wolfgang
and one of the SpaceCorps officers guide it towards the scaffold in the Blue
"Ze vay ve guide ze missile in place is wery important." Said Wolfgang. "I am
emailing a schematic to your spacesuit's screen vight now."
Justin's helmet suddenly became imprinted with a digital display of the missile,
showing him down to the finite detail how the missile needed to be positioned on
the cradle. It took a few moments for Justin to read the display and work out
what he needed to do. "Okay, I think I understand." He said.
The SpaceCorps officer next to him spoke next. "I'm not getting the
instructions, can you send them again?"
Wolfgang sighed, but just before he resent them, the officer spoke up. "Oh, it's
okay. It's come through now." He was quiet for a few seconds as he interpreted
the instructions, then nodded his head. "Fine. I understand." he said.
They brought the missile into the Blue Dwarf's launch bay and got into their
places as specified in the instructions. The schematics overlayed on Justin's
helmet showed him exactly what he needed to do.
"Das ist okay." Said Wolfgang. "Now lowver into place."
Justin helped lower the missile, but heard a crunch and a scream to his left.
The SpaceCorps officer had become trapped between the missile and a pylon.
"Stop! Stop!" Shouted Justin. "It's crushing him!" But they didn't stop, nobody
could hear him because the radio in his spacesuit wasn't working. The missile
continued to lower into place and they only stopped when it was in place. Justin
rushed over and tried to pull the officer free, but he was totally flat and
blood was leaking out of his suit. Justin pulled on his arm until it ripped
"Scheissen!" Shouted Wolfgang as he noticed the crushed officer, and came to
help. "Vot happened?"
Justin pulled off his helmet as soon as the flight deck pressurised. "I shouted
to you all to stop, but you didn't!!" He said. "I couldn't help him!"
Wolfgang bit his lip. "How did zis happen?" He said. "I gave eweryone clear
Justin shook his head. "That was horrible man, I watched him get crushed!"
"But..." Said Wolfgang. "I gave eweryone clear enstructions!"
Justin's mind whirled. "Hold on... he didn't get the instructions at the same
time we did." He bit his lip, then crouched down by the crushed body, and
plugged a USB cord from his own spacesuit into the SpaceCorps officers.
Justin held his helmet up. The other man's instructions appeared side-by-side to
his own. "Just what I thought." Said Justin. "He was sent different orders."
Maxine walked around the missile and saw the crushed man. "Jesus!" She said.
"What happened?"
Justin looked at her. "Sabotage!" He said dramatically.
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