Teething troubles.

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WHO?: Keith and Efof
WHERE?: A 'Bug, somewhere near a small moon.
WHEN?: Shortly after nearly being eaten.
Keith was still red in the face from running. "Remind me to, like, teach you
miner's signs... so you'll understand me the next time I, like, need help!"
Efof shrugged, he'd let the guy in and got them out, what was the problem?
"Well," Keith continued "we've got, like,enough ore here, nice compound too... I
jus' hope our esteemed Captain knows what he's up to. four reasonably good men
died for it..."
Sighing, Keith sat back and began to brood. He and Jay Chrysler had never gotten
on, Keith tried, but for some reason Jay had held one badly timed glance at his
wife against him. He'd avoided Jay as soon as he could pry himself away. Now Jay
was captain, however, Keith's job as JMC liaison brought them into unavoidable
Thinking of his responsibilities, Keith pulled his mining log out of his breast
pocket and a hip flask from his belt and started updating his records.
Paperwork always flustered Keith, and the whiskey didn't help. After noting
several months with 'Mining Yield; Sweet F.A.' for every single day, his last
entry was ' Mining Yield; A Smeg-tonne, Four cas... deaths', quite sure his
superiors would be glad to get something this decade.
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