OOC - New character Adam "Tank Boy" Smith

OOC - Hi everyone, we've got a new member. I'd like you to welcome Matthew to
our group who will be playing Adam "Tank Boy" Smith, but don't call him Tank
You can see his biography here:http://www.bluedwarf.co.uk/crew/engineers-repair-crew/adam-tank-boy-smith
or below:
Character Name Adam "Tank-Boy" Smith
Gender Male
Age 25
Species Human
Nationality Canadian
Department Engineering
Rank Technician 3rd Class
Job Repair technician
Character's Physical Appearance
Tall with brown short hair and brown eyes. He has a small scare on his right arm
he says he got in a soccer match but really came from a fight with his brother
over who got the last breakfast sausage, he didn't win.
Character's Personality and Interests
Smith is first and foremost a coward, preferring to avoid conflict by finding
the closest possible hiding place. That said he is capable of acts of heroism...
eventually. After his father left at a young age Smith developed a lack of
confidence which lead to a need for approval, which he often tries to achieve by
sucking up to those in command. He is a very career driven individual, although
he has never being promoted once in his seven years with the JMC. Aside from his
cowardly persona he enjoys playing action sims where he's the hero and water
polo (even though he can't swim).
Character's history/background story
Smith comes from a small family on Earth, he and his much more successful
brother have often competed against each other over their mothers approval. His
brother is currently serving as chief engineer aboard a top of the line military
vessel, where as Smith has never rose above the rank of Technician 3rd Class. At
his last posting his most important job was to swap out the blue and red alert
bulbs. Smith is the sole survivor of a rouge mercenary attack on the JMC supply
ship Magellan. Rescue crews found him hiding in one of the ships septic tanks
which lead to his much loathed nickname "Tank-Boy". (although in that situation
I suppose it could of been much worse.) Smith is currently applying for a
transfer to the Blue Dwarfs' maintenance department as a repair technician.
Character's favourite phrases/sayings
"He who laughs best, laughs from the safety of an escape pod."

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