Pancake tracks the sabateur (part1)

Maxine walked around the missile and saw the crushed man. "Jesus!" She said.
"What happened?"
Justin looked at her. "Sabotage!" He said dramatically.
<end snip>
Justin watched as they dragged the squashed carcass away. He stood for a moment,
deep in thought. It wasn't until Jayne Chrysler tapped him on the shoulder when
he moved.
"So, what trouble have you been causing?" Jayne asked him.
"Absolutely none!" Justin said. Then thought for a moment longer. "I can solve
this." he said.
Jayne shook her head sceptically. "No way. Leave this to the experts. We're
security, you're an engineer. Just go back to work."
Justin spun to face her, his face was quite excited. "You need me. You don't
know who emailed the incorrect orders to that man. I can find out who the
saboteur is!"
Jayne was still sceptical. "Prove it." She said.
Justin took the squashed officer's helmet over to a computer terminal by the
wall, and plugged it in. Then he started typing on the keyboard.
"So... anything?" Said Jayne. "We've got a saboteur to catch."
"Wait... wait.... got it!" Said Justin.
"Really?!" Jayne said.
Justin turned and grinned. "I'm going to get a promotion for this. I'll be a
Captain of the first Human/Hymenoptera spaceship before I know it!" He boasted.
"So tell me who it was. I want to arrest this smegger." Said Jayne.
"Well it's not that easy." Said Justin. "The email address was only a temporary
one. But I managed to use ot to find the saboteur's Twitter account."
Jayne groaned. "That's useless!"
"Unless he's tweeting about where he is right now?" Justin said, and quickly
checked Twitter. "He might be that stupid."
Jayne tapped her foot as Justin's fingers flew across the keyboard. "Damn. He's
not posted anything in months."
Jayne leaned over. "What about his friends? Maybe we can find someone who knows
Justin checked the people that their mysterious saboteur followed on Twitter.
"He only follows two people." Justin said. "This middle aged woman who only
posts about her cats all day, and some erotic stripper called Cassandra."
Jayne grinned and then clicked her fingers. She started to walk towards the
"Hey, where are you going?" Asked Justin.
"Cassandra is an exotic dancer at a club on the Promenade." Said Jayne. "I'm
going to ask her if she knows anything about our mysterious saboteur."
"Wait what about me. I've helped you so far! Let me come along." Justin begged.
Jayne sighed. "No. This is security business only. Thanks for your help so far."
"You still need me!" Justin pleaded as Jayne left the flight deck. He looked
back at the missile which was now mounted on the rig and wondered what it was
going to be for.
<To be continued>

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