Justin & Jayne track the sabateur (part2)

Who: Jayne and Justin
Where: Promenade
When: A few hours later
When Jayne returned from seeing Cassandra, Justin was waiting for her. He tried
to look cool by leaning against one of the pillars that kept up the giant M for
McDonalds, but slipped off.
"I told you I could solve this on my own." Said Jayne.
"Have you?" Justin asked.
"No." Jayne said. "Cassandra is clean. She says she doesn't even have a Twitter.
She doesn't know our saboteur either."
"So that leaves cat lady?" Justin said.
Jayne nodded. "How can a woman who posts all of the time about her cats help
That was when Justin grinned. "She accidentally posted her geographic position
in a tweet three months ago."
"Right." Said Jayne.
"They come from a crewquarters on C deck. Quarters that belong to a guy called
Kenny Lomaz."
Jayne was speechless.
"I did some digging." Justin said, pleased with himself.
"But, that doesn't sound like our cat lady." Said Jayne.
"Yeah but he'll know who she is." Said Justin, and pressed the button to call
the Xpress lift elevator. When the lift arrived they both got in and Justin
pressed the button for C deck. "We make a good team!" He said.
"Shut up." She said.
10 minutes later they were knocking on the door of Kenny Lomaz's quarters. There
was a scuffling inside, and Jayne took out her laser pistol.
"I'm coming!" came a shout from inside the room.
Justin turned to see Jayne with her pistol out. "Put that away! We don't want to
scare him! We just want to ask if he knows cat lady, who knows our saboteur."
Jayne put her gun away. "I'll let him shoot you first." She said.
"Paranoid!" Said Justin under his breath.
After a few more minutes, Justin knocked again. "Yes, yes, I'm coming!" Said the
man inside, and they heard some more clattering, and finally the door opened.
"You took your time" Said Justin, his voice trailing off towards the end as he
noticed there was a valid reason why the man took so long to open the door. He
was in a wheelchair.
"Did you come to insult me just because I can't use my legs?" Said the man.
"No... I ... errr...." Started Justin.
"We're very sorry to bother you." Said Jayne, and flashed him some Blue Dwarf
security ID. "Are you Kenny Lomaz?"
"Yes." Said the man in the wheelchair. "But everyone calls me Kenny Loggins."
"Wasn't he an 80's singer?" Said Justin.
"I have that name because of my job." Kenny said, wheeling himself back to his
computer desk, where he had several computer screens setup, all of them showing
a different social network, and several applications running Twitter.
Jayne walked around his desk. "Wow, this is some serious computer hardware."
"Thanks" Kenny said.
"I know... Kenny Loggins did 'Footloose'" Said Justin, but he was ignored.
Kenny pointed to his screens. "I get the name because I have multiple login
accounts to all the top social networks. Facebook, Twitter, even a few of the
GELF ones, Ffionian ones, and Mollopod ones."
Jayne frowned. "Why do you need multiple logins?"
"It's my job." Said Kenny. "I assume the personality of different people, and
tweet as if I'm that person."
"So you lie?" Asked Justin.
"A little bit. But it's like roleplaying. I assume a character, and write as if
I'm that character."
"So you're our cat lady?" Asked Jayne.
Kenny smiled. "Yes. One of my characters is a middle aged lady who tweets about
her cats."
Jayne bit her lip. "Sorry, but why do you do this? How do you get money by
pretending to be a cat lady?"
"Ah!" Said Kenny. "Well if I pretend to be a cat lady, then other cat ladies
will follow me. And soon enough I've got thousands of cat ladies following me.
And then a top catfood brand might come to be and give me lots of money by
recommending their brand of catfood."
"So it' a scam?" Asked Justin. Kenny shot him an evil look.
"No! People choose to follow me, and they trust the opinion of the cat lady.
They follow me... well... her, because they want to be friends with like minded
"Still sounds like a scam to me!" Said Justin. Jayne nudged him to stay quiet.
"We need to find a saboteur. He follows you on twitter, and we want to know if
you know who he is." Said Jayne. She leaned over and typed his user account into
twitter to show Kenny his photo.
"Ahh." Said Kenny, spinning around on his wheelchair. "That's Everett Doobie."
Jayne quickly jotted down his name on a security issue notepad. "Is he a friend
of yours?"
"No." Kenny said quickly. "He's a rival. He does the same as me but on dating
websites. If you think what I do is a scam, his scam is worse. He uses dating
websites to date girls, and tries to con them out of a lot of money.
"Bastard!" Said Jayne.
"He usually meets his girls at Starbucks on the Promenade at 7. I bet if you
went there, you'd find him."
"Thanks" said Jayne, and they turned to leave. Justin pointed at Kenny's
computer screens. "If you ever host a LAN party, invite me round, it looks like
you've got the best ever setup for online gaming."
"I'm more of a console man." Kenny admitted.
"Yeah me too." Said Justin. "I bet I'd beat you at Wii fit jogging any day."
Then he looked down at Kenny's wheelchair, then up at his scowl. "Okay then
<to be continued>

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