Odd feeling...

Who: Amber & Isra
Where: Flight Deck
When: After Quarantine
"Is your doctor always that bad tempered?" Isra asked, keeping up with Amber as
she stormed on ahead, just wanting to get back to work. She had ships to get
running, and make sure no one crashed.
"Ever since the day I met him." Amber replied. "Is there a reason you're
following me?"
Isra stopped for a moment, but continued on, catching up with her again.
"Well.. I don't have anywhere to go at the moment, so I was hoping I could
follow you to somewhere I can do something." Isra replied. Just as she
finished, the flight deck doors opened, revealing the fleet of ships that
resided within the Big Blue.
"Woah... All these are yours?" Isra asked, glancing out at them all. "Does
anyone look after them?" she added, forming a string of questions.
"They all work, that's all that matters." Amber replied, "If we had a competent
engineering crew, they'd just send them to a Space Corps ship."
"Well..." Isra said, putting both of her hands on Ambers shoulder, and leaning
in. "I think I can fix that for you." she said, with a grin.
She stayed attached to Amber's shoulder until Amber turned her head towards her,
catching Isra's eyes.
"Is there... something else?"
"Only if you want there to be." Isra replied, staring into Amber's eyes. "You
have a secluded office that can only be opened by you, right?" she asked,
skipping off to one of the 'Bugs.
"Oh you poor baby..." she said, stroking the green metal that was held together
with nothing more than duct tape. It wasn't very pretty, but as Amber had said,
it worked.
"Don't worry, I'll have you sparkling in a second."
Amber walked towards her office, wondering what it was about Isra that made her
feel different...
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