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Who?: Keith, Seymour and Efof,
When?: As the Ore was being unloaded
Where?: Loading bay 6
Efof's limited understanding of Humans had shown through, but he'd at least
learned to leave Keith be when he was being dispondent, as he was now. They'd
worked together briefly during the whole time-travel debacle, and had gotten on
quite well, but Keith wasn't in the mood for the alien's cheery banter right
now. Instead he got on with what he'd been trained to do; handling mineral
compounds. He'd slipped right back into the role of a mining crewman, and as
Seymour arrived to deliver his news he actually found the supposed officer
driving a forklift loaded with ore from the Bug to a cargo cradle.
"I say," Seymour yelled into the loading bay "I'm looking for one Keith Wirrals,
Got some fellows killed just recently?"
Keith groaned, this was all he needed. He felt sure the captain had sent
Seymour, a famously unsympathetic character, to tell him to report to the
engineering department for use as fuel.
"Yeah, what d'ya want, Ex-Ambassador? Can't ya see I'm, like, in the middle of
something here!?"
Seymour bristled, the man was rubbing his former status in his face. "Now see
here, I've just been speaking to the captain. He's not happy with your little
oversight and has docked you a month's pay!"
Keith smirked, then smiled. Next he started chuckling and finally fell from his
seat on the forklift and start to roll around on the floor laughing
hysterically. A month's wages? A single month? For getting four crewmen killed?
It was rediculous, absurd. He stopped laughing, no it was obscene, disgusting
and wrong. Quite apart from the fact that most of his wages went on booze, he
still had enough stashed away to squeak by. What was the captain trying to say,
That he expected no better? That he didn't care?
Picking himself up off the floor, Keith straightened his collar, emptied the
entire contents of his hip-flask down his throat and stared at Seymour with
bleary, bloodshot eyes. "So, that's it is it? Ok, I'm going to, like, take this
up with him personally!" And with that he strode off in the direction of the
personnel lift.
Seymour was incredulous "Do you think you can persuade him to just ignore this
disaster?" He asked aghast.
"No," Keith replied "I'm gonna make sure he, like, punishes me properly..." as
the safety grille closed around him and the lift began to rise.
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