Justin & Jayne catch conman in coffeeshop

"He's a rival. He does the same as me but on dating websites. If you think what
I do is a scam, his scam is worse. He uses dating websites to date girls, and
tries to con them out of a lot of money.
"Bastard!" Said Jayne.
"He usually meets his girls at Starbucks on the Promenade at 7. I bet if you
went there, you'd find him."
"Thanks" said Jayne, and they turned to leave.
<end snip>
Who: Justin and Jayne
Where: Promenade
When: 7pm
Justin and Jayne sat with a cup of hot coffee each at the coffee shop opposite
Starbucks. Justin peered over a fake hedge which had been placed there to make
the shop look a bit classier.
"Get down, don't let him see you!" Jayne scolded him.
"I just wanted to check he's there!" Justin replied. "He's sat there with a
coffee. It looks like he's waiting for someone. I think we should make our move
"No, wait." Said Jayne. "I'm the member of the Security department here, you're
just an Engineer."
Justin scowled.
"Good detective work is all about timing." She continued.
Justin peered over the hedge. "Okay someone's approaching him."
"Is it a girl?"
"Yes! It's.... it's...."
"Is it his date?"
"Yes it's.... Hallie Taylor."
"Hallie Taylor." Said Justin. "She's the junior health and safety officer to
that German numpty. We had a bit of a fling a few weeks ago. Don't ask her about
it though."
"Why?" Jayne asked.
"Err... she might not remember."
"Why not?" Jayne said accusingly.
"I got her quite drunk." Justin said nervously. "Lets go, now!" He stood up and
started to walk over, whilst Jayne was too far behind him to pull him back.
"Oi, nobhead!" Justin shouted across the coffee shop. The man turned and pointed
at himself as if to say "who?"
"Yes you, you should be ashamed of yourself, tricking girls into dating you
through Social Networking websites thingies..." He caught Jayne's glance. "You
should be a proper man and just get them drunk!"
Meanwhile, Hallie Taylor who was walking over now turned and walked back the
other way.
"What's your problem man?" Said their unnamed man, standing and facing Justin.
Justin pushed him down back into his seat. The man started to look really
worried. "We know you've been conning women."
The man bit his lip. "Smeg." He said. But he didn't seem to be as worried as
Jayne would have imagined. In fact he seemed a little bit relieved. She hovered
over the man at this point to question him.
"Oh what's wrong?" She asked. "Did you think we were going to arrest you for
"Err... no." Said the man. "You caught me, fair and square. I'm a right bad man
I am."
Justin and Jayne looked at each other.
"There's something else we wanted to talk to you about." Jayne said. "Yesterday
there was an accident in the flight deck. Although it wasn't an accident, it was
an act of sabotage. An officer was emailed incorrect instructions which could
have lead to him accidentally detonating the missile."
"Luckily he didn't." said Justin, indicating around them that the ship wasn't
blown up.
"And we think you know the man who emailed the incorrect instructions."
The look in the man's eyes turned to guilt. Then fear.
"Oh smegging smeg." He said, then started to run away, knocking coffee tables
over as he did.
A coffeeshop waitress got in Jayne's way, allowing Justin to get ahead. He
chased the man down the Promenade and through one of the side exits into a wide
corridor. The man paused at a junction but not long enough for Justin to catch
He ran up some metal stairs, with Justin hot on his heels. "Just tell me who
your friend is." Justin shouted. "We just want to catch the saboteur!"
But the man was silent. He ran past a sign labelled "Northern line". The
Northern line was one of a network of tube stations which criss-crossed the
length and breadth of the ship, as they did on all Dwarfstar-class mining
vessels. The Blue Dwarf's was in a bad state of disrepair.
The man ran out onto the platform, and Justin knew that if he caught the train,
he'd not be able to track him. Not even the Xpresslift elevator was fast enough
to catch the train. The man could have escaped down to the Blue Dwarf's
engineering section in just a few minutes. The Xpresslift would take hours.
Justin ran onto the platform too, just as one of the shuttle trains was pulling
up. He saw the man standing on the platform edge and ran up to him.
"We just need the name." Said Justin, pushing the man. But this caused him to
lose balance, and for a second he teetered o nthe edge of the platform. Seconds
before he tumbled off the platform onto the maglev track, he said to Justin
"He'll try again to blow up the missile".
Then the train squashed him.
The train stopped on the squashed man, and it wasn't until everyone climbed
aboard that the train left, leaving a red streak of blood down the track.
"Smeggy Bollocks!" Said Justin, just as Jayne appeared behind him. She looked
down at the red streak.
"Did you get a name?" She asked.
"No. But he told me that whoever tried to sabotage it last time is going to try
Where: Flight deck
The large missile lay horizontally, ready to be fired.
Not many of the Blue Dwarf crew were experienced with large warheads, which is
why they missed something quite crucial.
Attached to the device was a box-shaped nodule, with a very small digital timer.
Engineers had seen the nodule, but had assumed it was supposed to be there. The
device received a command wirelessly, and the timer started to countdown.
The missile would detonate in two hours.
<OOC – tag to whoever wants to continue this! The device attached to the missile
will detonate it in two hours. Removing the device might trigger it to go off,
so what can you do? Can someone please come up with a way to safely disarm this
device in their next post without killing us all?>

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