*Action* - Multiple Explosions pt1

<OOC - sorry for getting this out a little later than I'd planned. This was only
supposed to be a short plot >
Attached to the device was a box-shaped nodule, with a very small digital timer.
Engineers had seen the nodule, but had assumed it was supposed to be there. The
device received a command wirelessly, and the timer started to countdown.
The missile would detonate in two hours.
<end snip>
Who: Wolfgang and Chris Harris
Where: Flight Deck, with the missile
When: 1 hour and 45 minutes later
Wolfgang Sweetsly was doing his final Health and Safety checks over the missile
before launch. Chris Harris the chief of security was standing guard, in case
another sabotage attempt was made on the missile.
As Wolfgang scanned the long explosive with his psi-scanner, he sang along to
some Tinie Tempah song on his headphones.
"Ooh, vitten in ze staars, a million miles avaaay..."
Then something caught his attention. He waved his psi-scanner over the attached
bomb with the timer.
"Vhat us zis?" He said, poking the device.
Harris and Efof ran over as they heard him shout "Alarme, alarme!"
He showed them the device, and Harris immediately started to pull the device
"Nein!" Wolfgang warned him. "Zis might activate it! I vill have to cut the
Everyone watched with tension as Wolfgang took the casing off the detonation
device and started clipping wires.
"Hurry!" Said Chris. "We've only got 12 minutes until it goes off!"
Wolfgang cut a blue wire, the counter changed to 1 minute.
"Oops." He said.
He cut another wire then said "Zats it. It vill not detonate if ve remove it."
Chris Harris pulled the device off the missile and looked around the room. The
display on the detonator snow read 42 seconds.
"Open the hangar doors." Chris commanded.
"No, zat can only be done vhen ve launch ze missile now. Zere is a failsafe in
"Then launch the missile!" Chris commanded.
"Vhat?! No!"
"If you don't open those hangar doors now, this thing will blow up all of us,
including that missile, which will blow up everything else!"
Wolfgang bit his lip and pressed some commands into the computer. A red light
started to flash and an alarm sounded. There was a hiss as the flight deck's
large airlocked launch tunnel started to depressurise.
....32 seconds....
Who: Captain Chrysler and Seymour Niples
Where: Captain's office, Drive Room
When: Same time
"So, have you finished writing my reference?" Seymour asked.
Jay sighed. "No... but I'll..."
The lights dimmed and the red light started flashing, this caused them both to
look at each other in confusion. Jay pressed his intercom button.
"Wolfgang, it's too early for launching the missile. My orders were that it had
to be launched at exactly the time we were given by the JMC..."
"Captain, I know but zere is a good reason..." Came Wolfgang's reply.
<To be continued>

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