*Action* - Multiple Explosions pt2

"Wolfgang, it's too early for launching the missile. My orders were that it had
to be launched at exactly the time we were given by the JMC..."
"Captain, I know but zere is a good reason..." Came Wolfgang's reply.
<end snip>
Who: Wolfgang and Chris Harris
Where: Flight Deck, with the missile
When: Same time
...23 seconds...
Chris Harris stood by the hanger door, waiting for the large lumbering doors to
"But Mr Harris, you vill be sucked into space!" Said Wolfgang.
"I'll hold on tight." Said Chris, looking down at the bomb in his hand.
The doors started to open. Harris knew that he'd be swept out into space if he
didn't hold onto something. He looked down and saw a black cable. He wrapped it
around his foot and tied it tight, but he didn't check what the other end was
tied to. This was a big mistake but he didn't have time.
Space started to pull at him as all the air was sucked out through the airlock.
Next to him, the Missile started to raise on its metal launch rigging that the
Engineers had created.
Harris was pulled off his feet towards the end of the airlock. Air whistled past
his ears. In the air he threw the bomb as fast as he could towards the exit,
where it was sucked out into open space and exploded just after it left the Blue
Dangling on a rope, Harris stretched his arm down to his feet and started
tugging on the rope, pulling himself back towards the inner door.
Next to him, the white missile's engine started to roar into life and a plume of
blue fire pushed it out into space, where it hurtled towards their nearest star.
None of the crew yet knew what the missile was far, most of them knew not to ask
questions, or just literally couldn't be bothered.
As the missile left the Blue Dwarf at a rapid speed, this was when Chris
realised what the wire he'd tied himself was attached to. The missile.
He was yanked outside the Blue Dwarf at great speed, being towed behind the
missile. Nobody knew if it was the lack of air that killed him, or the cold of
space, or the massive explosion when the missile hit the nearest sun, causing a
massive internal explosion, causing the glowing star to go supernova.
Who: Jay Chrysler, Kaleb Lewis and Seymour Niples
Where: Drive Room
When: Just after the missile hit the star.
Jay rushed out of his office onto the Drive Room, and pointed straight at Kaleb
Lewis who was sat at the Navigation computer.
"Wormhole out of here, now!" Ordered the Captain.
"Where to?"
Jay leaned over to see Kaleb's computer and pointed to a location on Google
starcharts. "Here."
Kaleb nodded, and pressed some buttons. The Blue Dwarf's hull crackled with
electricity and a wormhole appeared in front, sucking them through.
"Mr Chrysler..." Seymour said. "I believe you were going to write my reference?"
Then he looked out of the window to see the crimson swirls of the wormhole
disappearing as they entered their new location. "So what's with all the secrecy
about this mission? Is it an exciting secret SpaceCorps mission?"
"Hardly." Said Jay. "Look out of the window."
Seymour looked, and Jay continued. "137 other spaceships were given the same
orders, to blow up a star just so that we can spell out that message.
Seymour saw the sun they've just exploded, plus 138 more, which together spelled
out the message "Drink BaltiCoke".
"That message will be seen in the sky for 5 days." Said Jay. "Even during the
day. It's the most expensive advertising since Coca-Cola did the same thing a
few years ago."
"BaltiCoke?" Seymour asked.
"Curry flavoured coke!" Said Kaleb, opening a can with a fizz. "It's great!"
Then he turned his attention to a message on his computer. "Captain! We've got
new orders!"
Jay nodded.
"The BaltiCoke factory on Madras VII is under attack by some sort of alien
creatures, we're the closest ship."
"Lets get there as soon as possible and prepare a team." Said Jay.
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