The Blue Army

Who: Rosette, Jayne, Justin, Efof, Nameless people, and anyone else
who wants to be here
Where: BaltiCoke HQ
When: After the snip
"What?" Asked Justin. "Who's in charge?"
"Well since Chris Harris died... no-one." Said Jayne.
Justin slapped his forehead. "Oh god we're going to die."
The Starbug next to them started to rock, then was rolled over. The
landing struts snapped and the bulbous spaceship rolled into a bomb
crater. A ginormous alien hippopotamus stomped on it and crushed it
into a series of green disks.
"Oh smeg, how are we going to get back to the ship now?" Justin asked.
Jayne pointed to a spaceship on top of the burning BaltiCoke factory.
"Efof could you fly that?"
"I can fly anything!" He boasted. "Well... as long as it has some sort
of thrusting capacity. And a steering wheel. And a sensible way to
turn the engine on. And a sublight drive engine. And a comfy seat to
sit in...."
"But how do we get on top of the factory?" Justin asked. "It's on fire!"
"Are you telling me that Security has no second in command?" Rosette
called as one of the Hippo's exploded, showering the side of the
starbug in acid, which began to eat its way through the hull.
"Alright, I'm taking over. Everyone, spread out. They have an acid
attack, so staying together will give them too easy a target." she
said, opening a weapons crate that she'd salvaged from the Bug.
"Here, everyone take a gun." she said, "and aim for the alien stomach,
it made them explode."
"but how do we get into the burning building?" Justin asked, "if you
hadn't noticed, it's on fire!"
"Hmm, that's a good question." Rosette said, and looked around the
scene. Firefighters were already on site, but were being overwhelmed
by the alien hippos.
"Efof and Jayne, you're with me." she said, tossing each of them a
gun. "Everyone else, move away from the bug, the acid could cause it
to explode at any time."
"Make your way to the foot of the building in five minutes, that
should give us enough time to do what we need to do." she ordered,
then took the clone and Ffionian, and headed towards the firefighters.
"Efof. I need to utilise your four arms, and turn you into a
firefighter." Rosette said as they moved. "You can carry and fire 2
extinguishers at the same time, so you'll be able to get us in."
"Ok." Efof said, running along with them.
"Jayne, you and I are his escorts. We keep either side of him, and
watch every angle. If any acid gets on those extuinguishers, they
could explode." She said, moving to the other side of the four-armed
alien, forming the flank that would help them get to the ship.
<Tag people. You have a new glorious leader!>

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