Re: The Blue Army

Who: Justin, Efof, Rosette, Jayne
Where: Balticoke HQ, Madras VII
When: After Efof started tackling the flames
Justin, Jayne and Rosette followed Efof as he fired foam spray onto the burning
building. They entered through a large burning section on the wall, being
surrounded on all sides now by flames. Efof spun each of his four arms around,
making a cool, foamy path for them.
They made their way through the burning building, and into a large hallway where
several human workers ran towards them, looking blackened by soot. "Thank god
you're here, we were trapped by flames all around... aiiiiiiiiyyyyy!" Said the
men as they fell through the wooden floorboards, which were weakened by the
Justin looked down. "Smeg man, they've fallen into a vat of BaliCoke! What a way
to die!"
"I think I'd rather die in the fire." Efof said.
"Why don't you like curry flavoured coke?" Asked Justin.
"No... it... does things to me."
"Well... certain parts of me." Said Efof. "Especially my bottom."
Justin changed the subject by pointing ahead. "There!" He yelled. Efof quickly
doused a burning plank of wood before it set fire to the floor they were
standing on.
Justin raised an eyebrow as he thought of a funny trick. "There!" He shouted,
pointing towards Rosette. Efof quickly spun and sprayed Rosette's cleavage with
creamy white foam. She looked shocked.
"Nice!" Said Justin, grinning until he received a punch in the jaw.
They Found their way outside again, now inside some sort of atrium inside the
BaltiCoke factory. It was a walled area, only about 20 meters wide, but it was
nice to be outside again, where there isn't the fear of the burning ceiling
collapsing on you.
Jayne pointed up to the spaceship. "There's an emergency ladder, but it needs to
be pulled down."
Justin pulled on the ladder, but it wouldn't budge. "The release mechanism is
jammed." He said, and looked upwards. "There's an override at the top, but I'm
not sure how to get up there?"
As they all looked upwards, one of the giant hoppo aliens crashed through the
burning factory into the atrium. It hiccupped and several bubbles floated out of
it's mouth. One of the bubbles burst against Justin's face and he got the strong
smell of Chicken Curry.
"Eww, it's been drinking the BaltiCoke!" Efof said. "I wonder if it affects
giant hippos as much as it affects me?"
"Looks like we're going to find out." Said Jayne, as the hippo turned, baring
it's flabby arse at them which started to tremble like an erupting volcano.
"There's no way this is going to end well!" Said Justin, feeling the
pre-eruption tremors from the hippo's bowels.
Thinking quickly, he grabbed a large zen stone from the garden they were in and
ran towards the Hippo, hoping to use it to plug up the stink hole. But before he
reached it, a stong gusty fart was released at high pressure from the Hippo's
anal regions.
It hit Justin like a hammer and tossed him backwards, somersaulting him high up
into the air where he landed on the roof of the burning factory building.
He wafted the smell away and got to his feet. "Hey guys, I made it! I'm at the
"Hurry up and send the ladder down before this hungry hippo makes another
stink!" Said Efof.
Justin ran over the warm roof to the ladder and pressed a button allowing it to
reach all the way to the ground. The team below immediately ran over and started
to climb up.
In the factory below, the fire started to destabilise one of the floors, making
the roof tremble and shake. "Hurry smegheads! We don't have long before this
whole building falls apart!"
Rosette looked up from the ladder and shouted an order at him. "Get the
spaceship's engines started then!"
"Good idea." Justin called back, and stepped towards the spacecraft, which
looked like a rocket in the shape of a coke can. Another shudder from the
building caused Justin to topped backwards, and fall over the edge of the roof.
He screamed as he fell down, passing Rosette, Efof and Jayne on the stairs, back
down into the atrium below where the windy hippo was.
Justin tried his hardest to fall on the soft squishy alien, but it looked like
he was going to narrowly miss it's stinky end and fell onto the gravel path.
Just before Justin was as flat as a pancake, the hippo farted for a second time,
propelling Justin back up in the air and back onto the roof.
When Rosette reached the top of the ladder, she didn't even notice that Justin
had moved. "I thought you were starting up the spaceship's engines? Come on,
hurry up!" she ordered.
They all climbed into the spaceship shaped like a giant coke can, but was
spacious and cosey inside, with a well stocked fridge full of BaltiCoke. Efof
headed straight to the cockpit and started experimenting with the controls.
"Can you fly it?" Rosette asked.
"I'll try..." Efof said.
Justin looked out of the window, and saw that the roof was now on fire too. It
started to set fire to a large sign saying "BaltiCoke, now you can enjoy the
curry taste any time of day". The sign wobbled and started to fall towards them.
Justin screamed first and dived away from the window, it was a few seconds
before the sign crashed into them, trapping the spacecraft on the roof.
"Smeg!" Shouted Rosette. "How are we going to get away now?"
<Tag. The spacecraft is trapped by a fallen sign. How can we get away?>

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