Efof - "We need more thrust!"

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Justin screamed first and dived away from the window, it was a few seconds
before the sign crashed into them, trapping the spacecraft on the roof.
"Smeg!" Shouted Rosette. "How are we going to get away now?"
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Who: Efof, Rosette, Justin, Jayne
Where: BaltiCoke rooftop, in a spacecraft
When: After the spacecraft became trapped
Efof flipped a switch that engaged the spaceship's powerful throttle, and
pressed his foot as far to the floor as the accelerator would go, but the
spacecraft didn't do anything more than shake violently. Eventually Efof shook
his head. "This is just a crappy small ship for promoting crappy bowel-moving
cola. We just don't have the power."
Rosette slammed her fist down on the console in frustration.
"We could use the escape pod though." Efof said calmly, and pointed to a doorway
which Rosette had to do a double-take at. She hadn't noticed it when they'd
They pushed the door open, and found a small circular pod which was quite
cramped, with enough room for three people.
"Perfect!" Said Rosette.
"But there's four of us!" Said Efof.
"Let's just tell Justin we're coming back for him later." Rosette said with an
evil smile.
"Hey, I heard that!" Came Justin's voice from the main section of the
spacecraft. "You're not leaving me anywhere!"
They all squashed into the small pod, and Efof started pressing some controls.
"Ready to go?" He asked. There was a resounding "Yes" from all of them, but Efof
insisted on doing a countdown.
"10... 9... 8... " his finger hovered over the eject button which would launch
them into space. "...7...6..."
Rosette just reached over and pressed the button for him. They all cringed,
expecting a sudden surge of acceleration. Nothing happened.
Then there was a jolt, and the pod dropped three feet to the ground.
"What happened?" Asked Rosette.
Efof bit his lip. "Ahh...err... well we've ejected about three foot."
"Is that what was supposed to happen?"
Efof quickly scanned his eyes over the instruction manual he found behind his
seat. "I suppose in zero gravity that would be enough force to propel us away,
if the main ship was in trouble. But in a planet's atmosphere... well it just
means we've detached."
"So has this escape pod got any engines at all?"
Efof shook his head but then found something in the instructions. "Yes it has,
but not very powerful ones. Not powerful enough to get us into orbit, but enough
to navigate us through space. I suppose if we could find a way to get enough
launch thrust, the engines would be able to do the rest."
"Maybe we could create some sort of catapult!" Said Justin. "Or a perfectly
timed explosion!"
Rosette ignored him, so Justin wandered outside and then came running back with
a better idea.
15 minutes later, and they had rolled the escape pod down to the ground and were
hoisting it up above the windy hippo's bottom.
"Okay now drop!" Shouted Efof. They all dropped the small craft into the alien
hippo's arse crevice. At the other end it's eyes widened.
Rosette shook her head. "This will never work." She said.
Efof and Justin grabbed some barrels of BaltiCoke and brought them over to the
giant alien's mouth. "Here ya go big fella!" Said Efof, pouring gallons of the
fizzy curry-flavoured soft drink into the creature's large mouth. It swallowed
and they could hear the groans of the creature's internal digestive system
building up pressure.
"Quick get in the escape pod!" Shouted Efof. "She's gonna blow!"
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