Rosette, Efof & Justin - "Stranded"

<snip>Efof and Justin grabbed some barrels of BaltiCoke and brought them over to the giant alien's mouth. "Here ya go big fella!" Said Efof, pouring gallons of the fizzy curry-flavoured soft drink into the creature's large mouth. It swallowed and they could hear the groans of the creature's internal digestive system building up pressure."Quick get in the escape pod!" Shouted Efof. "She's gonna blow!" </snip>The escape pod started to rumble as they waited for the inevitable explosion from the strange creature below."Just so you know.  I don't approve of this at all." Rosette complained.  Being stuck in a tight space with Justin was definitely not her idea of fun, and if she felt anything like a hand on any part of her body, she was going to kill him when they got back to the Dwarf.Tapping a few buttons that she could just about reach by squeezing past Efof, she turned on the radio which contacted the fighter wing that was in orbit, waiting for their command."Wing 3, prepare for a bombing run.  All live civilians have been accounted for, so this is a cleanse & burn mission." she said, remembering the terms she'd read in Harris' old mission reports.  There was still a lot that she hadn't had a chance to read, and a lot that needed to be learned, but she was getting there."commence the run on my signal." she said, before cutting out.  All she heard back was "understood." before the radio once again went dead."What's happening?" she said, as the vibrations in the escape pod subsided.  "Did you feed it enough balticoke?""Yeah, we gave it a whole drumfull, there's no way thats not enough to WHHAAAAAAAA" efof replied, as halfway through his sentence, a massive explosion pushed them to the back of the pod, squashing them against each other.  It wasn't long before they'd reached a high enough altitude that the effects of gravity and momentum were lessened greatly."Wing 3, commence attack run.  I want everything inside the Factory grounds reduced to smoldering ash.""Affirmative.  Commencing run now."<ooc: that should give any fighter pilots we have a chance to drop some explosive ordnance>"So what now?" Justin asked, looking at the people he was stranded with.  He of course would have preferred being stuck with just one of them.. but then there wouldn't be any witnesses to his murder, so it was probably for the best that Efof was there too.The atmosphere barely slowed them down, catapulting them into and out of the stratosphere, and into high orbit... Even the planets gravitational pull wasn't enough to properly slow them down, as they continued to travel through space, heading away from the Big Blue."Blue Dwarf, come in." Rosette said into the radio, trying to get picked up.  In response, the radio fizzled and crackled, then stopped making noise altogether."Smeg, I think it's broken.  What now?" she said, unable to contact anyone outside the escape pod.  At least it had a decent air supply..."You know, if we land on a desert island planet, we may have to repopulate." Justin said with a grin.  Rosette looked away from him."I'd rather make baby Ffionians.""Really?" Efof replied, wondering how that would work."No, not really, I just... never mind." she said, returning to silence.<tag people, will the Dwarf find us?  any ideas to give them a signal?>

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