Efof, Rosette, Justin "Towards the gas giant"

Who: Efof, Rosette, Justin, Jayne
Where: Escape Pod, hurtling away from the BD
When: Just after...
"Smeg, I think it's broken. What now?" she said, unable to contact anyone
outside the escape pod. At least it had a decent air supply...
<end snip>
After a few minutes of silence Efof picked up Rosette's radio which she'd
dropped onto the floor.
"It's useless at this range." Rosette told him.
Efof nodded. "Yeah, but I thought we could connect it to the escape pod's radio
and boost the signal." Then he stopped blinked and said "That sounded
intelligent for me didn't it?!"
Rosette smirked. "That's actually a good idea. So how does it work?"
"The radio?" Efof asked. "Batteries. Oh sorry, you mean how can we make it
"Yes." Said Rosette.
"Oh... err... I dunno... I only said it because it sounded like something they'd
do on Stargate." He put the hand radio next to the escape pod's console. "Has
anyone got a USB cable or something?"
There was silence, so Efof prized the back off the radio and pulled out some
wires, doing the same for the escape pod's console, and tied the wires together.
"Okay here goes!" Said Efof, ready to press the button. He cleared his throat.
"Efof to...." The console blew up in his face, covering everyone in the small
escape pod with soot and smoke. "Bugger. Do you think they got any part of that
"Which part? You'd barely started!" Said Rosette. "All anyone would hear is you
telling them to eff-off before the sound of an explosion.
The lights in the escape pod dimmed.
"Smeg. I broke everything." Efof sat down and wrapped his arms around his knees
before he messed up anything else. Something out of the tiny window caught his
eye. "Oh... err... guys. We're heading towards that big swirly planet."
Rosette peered out, cautious that Justin might pinch her bum whilst she did.
"It's a gas giant." She said. "Do you want the good news or the bad?"
Efof shrugged. "Can we only have the good, and the bad when we get back to the
Rosette shook her head. "No. The good news is that we won't crash into that
planet. It's a gas giant so there's nothing to crash into."
Efof whooped with pleasure and did a high-five that everyone ignored, so he
brought up his other hand and high-fived himself.
"But the bad news..." Rosette continued. "Is that we'll be crushed with the
pressure. When we reach the core of the planet this pod will be crushed to the
size of a pennycent."
They all gazed out the window at the looming gas giant.
<Tag how do we get back to the ship? Did someone hear that message and want to
come and save us?>

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