Important Decisions

<OOC: never thought I'd say this, but thanks Justin.  Your tag motivated me to actually write something.><snip>Justin quickly put up his hand. "Yes sir, I'm an engineer sir. Don't kill her." He shared an uncomfortable look with Rosette as he stepped forward. "We have a job for you." Said General Sousa.
He was pulled off to the side, and as the guards were distracted Rosette leaped towards the closest guard, elbowed him in the bottlenose and then kicked him in the marsupial pouch. As he dropped his gun Rosette grabbed it and aimed it at their leader, General Sousa.
A second later she found that over a hundred Dolaroos were pointing their weapons at her.Apart from one.General Sousa was pointing his weapon at the head of the SpaceCorps Inspector."Miss LaChance....." Said the Inspector. "Think very carefully about your next course of action. I'm going to write all this up in the report about you. Your future career depends very much on what you do next."
</snip>Thoughts kept going through her mind.  If she shot the leader, the inspector would die.  If that happened, she was sure everyone on the Dwarf would side with her, and say that she did an excellent job trying to protect him under overwhelming odds.  She'd get the position permanently for sure...However, the other part of her mind was going over much more important things, like what shoes to wear tomorrow.  She mentally slapped herself, and submitted to the idea that she was doing something wrong."Fine. you win." she said, eventually.  She pointed at the Dolaroo with his gun to the Inspector with a hand she'd removed from the gun."You lower your weapon and I will do the same." she said, hoping it would at least get her in the good books with the inspector."You're in no position to be barge-eh-eh-eh-ning."
Rosette sighed, and put her gun on the ground.  It would have been so much better if everyone had pointed their guns at her.  She hadn't thought beyond that though."Sorry guys." she said as she returned to the line up, with all of the Dolaroo's pointing their guns at them, most of them looked edgy, like they only needed a tiny excuse now to start shooting."That was very eh-eh-ehntertaining." General Sousa said, applauding.  "Now, tell me why you're here."<Tag.  So i saved my future career, but i can't even remember why we are here...>

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