Seymour causes Alota damage

"Yes. Better than zero," he said, with a slow nod. "But I don't have a source of
cadmium II radiation in the medibay. In fact, I don't think we've actually got
one on board."
"It's okay," said Seymour quietly, staring back out of the window. "I can find
Who: Seymour and Alota (in a coma)
Where: Starbug
When: After seeing Keto
All of the usual pilots were already on the Red Dwarf, so Seymour didn't really
have anyone to turn to when he went down to the Flight deck. The pink tree had
helped him push Alota down there on a stretcher. Her face was even paler than it
was before, and her head was slumped to one side.
Seymour brushed her cheek before looking for a Starbug. "It's okay sweetie,
you'll almost have a nice healthy dose of Cadmium II." He said. Then he pointed
to a nearby Blue Midget.
"Holly, I want that one!" He shouted.
The face of Holly appeared on the wall behind him. "You what?"
"I said I want that one." Said Seymour. "Can you make the door open for me. I
want to get inside."
Holly looked left and then right. "Are you sure you're talking to me? Ask a
pilot or summat."
Seymour put his hands to his hips. "Holly, I haven't piloted a ship in a very
long time so I want you to pilot for me. Can you start by opening the door so we
can get in? Then I'll ask you to autopilot it over to the Red Dwarf."
"Sheesh, what did your last slave die of?" Holly asked.
The Blue Midget stood up, stepped forward then kneeled down so that the door was
right next to Alota's stretcher. Seymour wheeled Alota inside and then sat down
in the pilots seat. Holly was showing on the monitor in front of him.
Seymour cracked his knuckles. "Holly, I'd like it awfully if you'd start the
engines, open the door and... well... fly us to the Red Dwarf. My daughter isn't
feeling well and she needs a lethal dose of Cadmium II to feel better."
"Did you just say what I think you said?" Said Holly.
"Just do it, NOW!" Seymour shouted.
Holly nodded his floating head, and the Blue Midget rocked as it stood up on
it's spindly metal legs and strode across the flight deck towards the hanger
Alota let out a small moan behind him, causing Seymour to get up and check on
her. "Make it snappy Holly, she jolly well hasn't got much time left!"
They flew at full pelt towards the Red Dwarf. "Odd... The hanger isn't accepting
my unlock code." said Holly.
Seymour took another look at Alota, whose breathing was starting to slow down.
She wouldn't last much longer. "Just get us inside whatever way possible!"
Seymour shouted.
Who: Rosette, Jay, Justin, and the Inspector
Where: Red Dwarf, hangar bay
When: Same time
Rosette sighed, and put her gun on the ground. It would have been so much
better if everyone had pointed their guns at her. She hadn't thought beyond
that though.
"Sorry guys." she said as she returned to the line up, with all of the Dolaroo's
pointing their guns at them, most of them looked edgy, like they only needed a
tiny excuse now to start shooting.
"That was very eh-eh-ehntertaining." General Sousa said, applauding. "Now, tell
me why you're here."
<end snip>
Captain Chrysler stepped forward and looked the Dolaroo General straight in the
eye. "We've been on a mission to find the Red Dwarf for over 10 years." He said.
"I don't care what you're doing here, and I don't care about your vendetta with
the Kangaphins, all I care about is that you're trespassing on JMC property and
it's my duty to return this ship back to Earth."
General Sousa raised an eyebrow (do Dolphins have eyebrows?). "Well that's what
you think-"
That was when Sousa's entire world collapsed around him.
The giant hangar door behind them were ripped apart by a blue spacecraft
crashing through. The craft span, and extended its two legs which flailed in
different directions. The craft bounced off one of the Dolaroos spacecraft,
crumpling the front, then fell into another causing an explosion. The Blue
Midget shuttle was ripped in half, and one leg continued to fly across the deck,
almost hitting General Sousa, then coming to a rest at Rosette's feet.
"My ships, my war sh-eh-eh-eh-ehps!" Shouted Sousa.
The entry hold had caused the hangar door to buckle, and the difference in
pressure caused it to fly off its hinges out into space. The air rushed out of
the room, sucking hundreds of Sousa's army of Dolaroos into open space.
Slowly, the emergency doors closed to seal the gap, but not before Sousa's army
was diminished in numbers.
After the sound of rushing air had stopped, a different noise could be heard
over the silence.
"Heeeeeellppppp!" Came the miserable cry of an Englishman.
Inside the wreckage of the destroyed Blue Midget, Seymour laid bleeding. He
pulled himself out of the Blue Midget's destroyed shell, which was split open
like an egg. In the wreckage above him hung one of the Dolaroo ships jet
engines. It dangled precariously above, held only by a thin wire which
eventually snapped, causing the three tonne object to fall onto his legs,
crushing them.
Seymour screamed. He was trapped, and he couldn't even see Alota.
"Heeeeeellppppp!" He cried again.
< OOC – can someone please rescue Seymour? The engine on his legs is very heavy
so you'll have to think of a way to get it off him!>

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