*Action* - Crashing the Red Dwarf pt2

Seymour's eyes fixed on her. "What is it sweetie?"
She paused, and then said. "I can do it."
<end snip>
The Red Dwarf hurtled away from it's blue sister ship on a suicide mission
towards the planet.
"You can do what?" Seymour asked, and when she didn't reply Seymour knew it was
something big.
"I can do it Daddy. I really can. But it's dangerous."
Seymour shook his head. "No way sweetie. There's another way."
"No there isn't Daddy, there isn't another way."
"Wait, what are you talking about?" Jay asked, grabbing Seymour's arm.
"You aren't strong enough." Seymour said, talking to Alota and ignoring Jay.
She nodded her head and grinned. A tear rolled down her cheek. "The radiation...
it makes me strong." She sniffed. "Will you be proud of me Daddy?"
14... 13...12...
"I..." Seymour didn't know what to say.
Alota started swirling her fingers, and then swirling her arms around. The air
in the flight deck seemed to move around and a new type of physics started to
take hold.
11... 10...9...
Seymour watched as his daughter made a wormhole large enough to fit the entire
"Take me with you!" He called to her, over the typhoon she was creating.
"Too dangerous Daddy! Too much radiation!" She shouted. Tears fell down her
cheeks but she was still smiling.
"Where will you go?"
She shrugged.
Seymour tried to run to her but Jay held him back.
The swirling air whistled so loudly past Seymours head that he started to
hallucinate, or was he? Everything was shrinking, possibly to fit through the
wormhole she was creating. They could barely see Alota any more, she was in the
centre of a maelstrom, a wormhole that was pulling an entire starship into it.
"I'll find you Alota!" Seymour shouted, although he had no idea if she heard.
Everything went white, and Seymour and Jay had regained their vision they were
stood on the observation deck of the Blue Dwarf looking out towards the
Kangaphin homeworld. The remnants of a bright blue wormhole were fading away.
Seymour pressed himself up against the glass, and watched the wormhole until it
wasn't there anymore.
"Where did she go?" He asked.
"We've got no way of telling." Said Jay. "The Red Dwarf is lost again though."
Seymour grabbed Jay by his uniform lapels. "We have to find it! We have to!" And
then ran off.
Who: Jay, the Inspector, Rosette, Justin and other crewmembers
Where: Drive Room, Blue Dwarf
When: A few hours later
Jay stood in front of all his senior staff and made and announcement.
"We were this close." He said, showing his thumb and forefinger. "We almost
completed our mission. But the search for the Red Dwarf continues."
The inspector gave him a nudge. "Oh, and the Space Corps inspector here has
agreed that we're working very well as a crew and some crewmembers are to be
commended." He looked at Rosette. "Rosette LaChance, I'm promoting you to Chief
of Security and giving you a rank of Lieutenant."
Rosette looked pleased with herself as Jay shook her hand.
"Justin Pancake I'm promoting you to Lieutenant."
Justin fisted the air and let out a long "Yahooooo!".
OOC – If you want to check out the updated crew roster have a look herehttp://www.bluedwarf.co.uk/crew

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