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seams to have blown over, for the most part, and I hope to raise my posting
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of practice.
Who: John bromin, and a random red dwarf crew member
When: Exactly five minuets after all of the interesting events aboard the red
dwarf had concluded.
The lift came to another abrupt halt, every other floor the lift would stop, and
open it's doors for five minuets before continuing on. It had gone on for twenty
eight hours.
This time the doors stayed open, they had finally reached there floor. John
stepped out of the elevator only to be almost blinded by a bright white light,
and for a brief moment he saw a human child.
John's eyes slowly came to focus, he looked around dazed, and confused. He was
in some sort of bedroom, he heard a woman scream at him. "GET OUT OF MY ROOM!"
The last thing he saw, before he fell unconscious to the floor, was a rather
large vase, flying at his forehead.

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