Rosette & Rufus - "Cash My Golden Paradox"

This is a JP by the dynamic duo, SMAndy & Becca

Who: Rosette & Rufus
Where: Rufus' Lab
When: Just after the department head meeting

"Yes, I do still know the code... you should probably change that, considering
the hive mind..." Rosette said as the door to Rufus' lab swooshed open. Tria's
gun turret spun to scan the intruder into Rufus' lair, but moved back to its
idle position shortly after.

"Hmm, you have a point. Tria update the codes please. Keep it random on the
usual parameters." Rufus said, he was busy with a pile of parts in the corner,
strewn all over a work bench in the middle, he added another armfull of scrap to
the table.

He looked up at Rosette, and blushed.

Rosette tried to hide a grin at noticing the young genius blush, but more
important things were going on.

"I'm sorry for what the imposter did to you, by the way..." Rosette said, having
been reminded of it by Rufus' email. "I could see everything the bug did... it
used my memories and feelings to be more real..." She said. The experience of
hurting Rufus while not being in control had made her a little more cautious
around him, but she tried to hide it.

"urm... Y..y.. Yes w..well. I had an idea about the Winton-bot. It's when it
exploded you see, it's h.. hand hit the time fridge. I've fixed the dent by the
way, it should be fine. And after running some scans on the bits left over it
was riddled with nitorgenicfidgidchronotorons, and that was when it struck me
you see. The pure genius of it. It's all a plan that was set in motion by me. To
wind Seymour up... He does need a kick up the ass anyway, to get his life
sorted...." Rufus rambled, forgetting his nervous stutter amongst the science.

Rosette blinked, then again. Several more blinks later, she said "Ok. So you
sent the robot back in time from about now, to when i saw it on the security
cameras?" She asked, still trying to get her head around the longest word she'd
heard in a very long time.

"Heh. I love it." she said, then found herself blushing because she'd used the
l-word in front of him, and turned away, making it look like she'd decided to
take that moment to look at the robot and time fridge.

"how can you send that back when its so broken?"

"Well, I gotta build it first. I timed it to explode so that I don't get in
trouble. The SCTP dont like paradoxes. Been a while since they were around
though..." Rufus said, holding up an arm to the light, making an affirmative
noise and thrusting it at Rose. "Hold this, we dont' have long before the Space
Corps get here, i'll have to let them in of course, Tria does't like it when
people fire guns at her. Although the Hymenopterra hologram in the corridor
should at least give us a few more minutes. You really don't fall for that
anymore? Does anyone?"

"I know it's not real..." she said, taking the arm from him. "And besides, I'm
chief of security now... You really think I'd let a hymenoptera wander the
corridors of the science deck?" She said, though feeling a bit sheepish that she
had once been a Hymenoptera, wandering the corridors of the science deck.

"There's no way I'd let the space corps in here without a fight." she said, her
sidearm still in its holster at her side. She used the hand at the end of the
robotic arm she was holding to brush some hair from her eyes.

"Thanks for thinking up this plan... If Seymour had actually sold this..." she
said, spinning the bracelet around on her wrist.

It wasn't long before Rufus had completed the robot. A lifelike replica of the
past. Although if you think about it, the one from the past was a lifelike
replica of this one. Time travel is funny that way.

Rufus rummaged under the desk and pulled out a small package.

"I'll need an ammo clip from you, for the... urm... explosion..." Rufus said,
holding out his had, trying not to look at Rosette.

reluctantly, she handed over her spare. "This means I've only got the one clip
if the space corps come..." she said, watching him work.

"At some point I'm going to have to go back to kick Seymour's ass..." she said.
"as much fun as that would be, I expect there will be space corps all over the
ship by now, going out on my own would make me an easy target." she said,
strongly suggesting that she was going to wait here.

"Tria, change the hologram outside to a Molopod militia man will you. That'll
keep them busy. I.. I need to make sure Amber is ok... With Jay acting like this
it'll be her neck on the line from the Space corps too. with Mum's holodisk
dying again I'm worried that she will be acting as rashly as... well... you know
what she can be like. C...come on..." he said, heading for the door, grabbing
his walking cane on the way out.

<Be Careful, or the Space Corps Time Police will come after you. Tag whoever's
in the driveroom>

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