Regarding ACTION posts

Hi all.Just for the benefit of the new people, can you please refrain from using "ACTION" posts unless authorised by a moderator?The use of the **ACTION** tag at the start of the subject line is reserved for plot-point posts, and should only be written by either a Moderator, or someone who has been given permission by a moderator to run an Action.we split our game down into Actions - sub stories that make up the life of the crew.  Each time we are given a mission, or something major happens, it is an action.  Your own personal missions that are written entirely by yourself are sub plots.To give an example... Our current mission - go to the Hymenoptera home world and stamp on some bugs = ActionRufus & Rosette's plan to show Seymour for the lowlife scum he is = SubplotPlease don't take this as a criticism, this is just to ensure that everyone knows the rules.Thankyou for your time,SMAndy (aka The Andy with a slightly different name so there's less confusion when people talk to the first Andy to join the game)

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