A vacation in the airvents.

When: Just before the jump.
Who: John bromin
Where: The blue dwarf air vent system.
John climbed through the air vent on his hands and knees making loud clanking
and shuffling noises as he went. He could hear a lot of other movements and
confusion so he figured no one would notice a little added more from his escape.
~All I have to do is make it to that shuttle place, and I'm as good as gone,
with a joint this snazzy they'll never miss a single dingy.~ John thought to
himself, turning a corner.
Just then then the vent started shaking for some reason unbeknownst to John, and
he could hear scuttering from some distance behind him, that caused him to pick
up pace in the cramped vent, making more noise to the point that anyone walking
by would have to be depth not to hear the commotion.
As the scutteing got closer, John looked frantically for some sort of hatch he
could use to get out of the vents, before whatever it was caught up with him.
Then he saw it, six glowing red eyes, coming towards him.
John kicked the nearest grate frantically, the creature struck just seconds
after John scurried out of the grate. John fell to the ground with a thud at the
feet of several humans with rather large guns all pointed at him.
"By order o-" one of them started to say before being harpooned by the creature
that had just emerged from the vent. John was mortified at what he had just
seen. He got to his feet, a shot from one of the men grazing his arm, and ran
down the hall, towards the promade.
<Tag Justin, there's a bleeding man, and a Hymenoptera running your way, be

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