Unexpected company

When: Just after Davie
destroyed the SC warship's docking tube.
Who: Davie,
some others, and an …unexpected guest.
Where: N Deck, aft.
sat up and peered out of a nearby port hole to see a mangled and destroyed
docking tube. Spot fires burning allover the heap of twisted metal, fueled by
the oxygen now pouring out of the Space Corp. warship's open air lock.
<End Snip>
            In the wake
of the explosion no one fired, both the marines and security personnel stunned
by the sheer force of the explosion. Davie
listened and heard the soft sound of groaning metal coming from outside the ship. Then suddenly it hit
him, all in an instant. Of course! He
thought. It makes perfect sense! Davie realized that the
warship's docking tubes weren't designed to withstand the intense structural
strain of wormhole travel. Destroy enough
of those and…Davie
            Suddenly Davie heard a shout and
spun around. "F-fall back! Fall back!" shouted the commanding marine, "Regroup
with the others on another level!" he said before opening up on the Blue Dwarf
security personnel, providing his men with covering fire for their retreat
before he himself disappeared around the corner. "Alright, five men stay here
and guard this area!" shouted the security Sgt., "The rest of you follow me!
Were going to stop `em from regrouping! If they do they'll dig in! "
He said, turning to Davie, "Thanks, you saved
our asses back there."
"Don't mention it. I'm heading for
the next airlock. Good luck Sgt.", said Davie.
"You too." the Sgt. said smiling.
"Alright let's move!" shouted the Sgt. and headed off down the corridor. Davie turned and headed
for the lift he'd come up, half jogging as he went.
He reached the elevator, and
cautiously pressed the call button. The elevator was now only three decks away
and Davie
tensed, ready in case there were marines in the lift. The lift reached his
floor, and with a soft ping, the doors slowly opened.
Davie was stunned at what he saw, a
seven foot tall insect like creature with two large sets of salivating
mandibles on it's head. It had two sword-like claws on either side of it's body
like two spindly, razor sharp arms. Several tiny ant-like legs ran down the
sides of it's body towards a set of four spider-like legs, it's four large
black eyes staring straight at him. How the smeg did he get here!?!? Davie thought as he went
to pull the trigger of his rifle. Click.
But the gun didn't fire. Click. Click. Went
the gun. Smeg jammed! Thought Davie as the creature
rushed at him with incredible speed. Davie
held the rifle side ways as a shield, blocking the ferocious claws that the
creature was swinging at him.
Davie was knocked back by the force of the
impact, dropping his rifle. His hand immediately flew to his side, drawing his
pistol. The creature let out a loud his as it swung its claws at his arm,
causing him to drop his pistol to the ground. He leapt backwards, stunned at
the creatures speed. In a last ditch effort he unsheathed his combat knife, its
blade glinting in the dull light, an engraving of a moon and a star resting on
the blade just above the hilt.
Suddenly the fearsome creature
leapt fully off the ground towards him, claws and mandibles splayed wide in the
air. Davie
leapt into the air towards the creature; the beast, obviously stunned at his
reaction, hesitated. Davie
seized the opportunity, and latched himself onto the creature's insect like
body, hugging close to it to avoid being ripped to shreds by the swinging razor
sharp arms of the beast. He drove the seven inch blade of his combat knife into
what served the beast as a jaw, just below its snapping mandibles.
Immediately the creature started
thrashing back and forth in the corridor, trying to shake Davie off of itself. Shrieking wildly, unable
to reach Davie,
the creature flung itself into the walls frantically trying to remove the
source of agony now gripping it's body. Davie
gave the knife a final one-hundred and eighty degree twist and suddenly the
creature's inhuman squealing stopped, as it fell limp in Davies arms. He let it
fall to ground with a heavy thud as he withdrew his knife from it's head,
wiping it's black blood on his boot, and put knife back in it's sheath.
He walked over and picked up his
pistol, looking it over quickly for damage, and then put it back in it's
holster. He picked up his rifle and looked it over, noticing a large slice in
the gun, that went almost completely to the other side. Smeg, he thought well that's
useless.  He stripped the gun for any
ammunition and the sling, placing them into various pouches and pockets. He
took one final look at the dead creature that lay on the floor behind him, and
suddenly got an idea.
He took out his knife and rifle
sling as he walked towards the creature. He bent down by it's side and began to
cut away at one of it's arms joints, cleaving it from the body. He whittled
away at the base of the severed razor sharp limb, and a few inches away from
its point, making smooth, rounded, bone textured handles. He strapped the sling
to each rounded part, and stood up to admire his work. A long, sharp, alien
scimitar, capable of cutting through steel. He slung the makeshift sword over
his back and drew his pistol, heading off towards the elevator.  

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